Slovakia Casinos

Slovakia Casinos

Slovakia is​ the​ other half of​ the​ Czech Republic,​ which used to​ form Czechoslovakia before 1993 when it​ was split into two different countries. Slovakia has been a​ member of​ the​ European Union since 2004 and is​ proud to​ welcome a​ large number of​ tourists from all over the​ world by air,​ land,​ and by cruises on​ the​ famous river Danube which links it​ to​ Vienna and Budapest.

Slovakia casinos are placed in​ all major cities of​ interest including Bratislava,​ the​ capital,​ with two casinos,​ the​ Casino Café Reduta and Regency Casino; Kezmarok with the​ Admiral Club Casino; Kosice with two casinos,​ the​ Casino Kosice and Casino Sport; Piestany with the​ Casino Piestany,​ and Zilina with Casino Admiral Zilina. Gambling is​ legal in​ Slovakia,​ as​ long as​ you are 18 years of​ age or​ more,​ and the​ same rule applies for the​ consumption of​ alcoholic beverages.

Slovakia casinos feature all international games such as​ poker,​ roulette,​ and blackjack,​ as​ well as​ slot and other video gambling machines. Casino Café Reduta in​ Bratislava offers twelve table games,​ of​ which there are six for American roulette,​ four tables of​ blackjack,​ two of​ mini-baccarat,​ and one for draw poker. the​ only other casino found in​ Bratislava is​ the​ Regency Casino,​ which is​ a​ hotel,​ as​ well,​ and entertains its guests with 17 table games that include American roulette,​ blackjack,​ Caribbean Stud Poker,​ Mini Punto Banco,​ poker,​ and standard Punto Banco.

Besides the​ casino in​ the​ Regency,​ you can also find restaurants that offer national and international cuisine,​ a​ coffee shop,​ and shopping arcade with local souvenirs. Most Slovakia casinos are open between 1 pm and 4 am every day of​ the​ week. However,​ there may be some exceptions,​ and therefore it​ is​ advised to​ check the​ opening schedule beforehand.

The official language in​ Slovakia is​ Slovak; however,​ English is​ widely spoken,​ especially in​ places such as​ hotels,​ casinos,​ restaurants,​ and shopping,​ where tourists are expected to​ visit. to​ travel to​ Slovakia and enjoy the​ charm of​ their casinos and culture,​ you can either go by air,​ land or​ even take a​ cruise on​ the​ beautiful Danube River and experience the​ scenery and other beautiful places along the​ way. Slovakia has one other type of​ gambling which is​ legal and widely enjoyed by locals and tourist alike and that is​ horse race betting. While in​ Slovakia you might want to​ try both forms of​ gambling,​ as​ you never know which one you may win.

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