Sleeping Disorders 24

Sleeping Disorders
If you have problems sleeping, you know how aggravating it​ can be. You may toss and turn for hours before you fall asleep like I ​ do, or​ you may find that you wake up many times in​ the night no matter what you do. Others have problems with fatigue during the day, even though they think they are getting a​ good night of​ sleep each night. There are many sleeping disorders out there, and you may not even know that you have one, and you may not know that they can be more than annoying. They can have a​ huge impact on your health.
For the last few months, I ​ have been having trouble falling asleep at​ night. I ​ generally lie in​ my bed and stare at​ the ceiling for a​ few hours before I ​ can finally fall asleep. I ​ have tried everything I ​ can think of, and tried to​ rule out various sleeping disorders in​ an effort to​ get more sleep. I’m still not sure what is​ going on, but my sleeping problems have started since the news of​ an illness of​ a​ very dear friend, so perhaps I ​ am just anxious and having troubles shutting down my mind. I’m not sure if​ this is​ considered one of​ the many sleeping disorders out there or​ not.
Other sleeping disorders are not as​ obvious to​ the person who is​ suffering. if​ you feel exhausted all the time but there seems to​ be no medical reason for it, you may not be achieving full and restful sleep cycles and you may be exhausted as​ a​ result. You may be having issues with sleep apnea, which is​ one of​ the most dangerous of​ sleeping disorders. This is​ when you may have episodes where you are not breathing while you are sleeping.
Other sleeping disorders aren’t quite as​ troublesome, but they are something you should talk to​ your doctor about. You need the best sleep possible each night, and if​ you aren’t getting it, it​ can affect your health. if​ your body is​ suffering as​ the result of​ a​ sleeping disorder, it​ is​ not getting the time to​ heal and get ready for the next day. Without sleep to​ help our bodies maintain, a​ myriad of​ problems can occur. if​ you feel tired and drained all the time, have trouble getting over illnesses, and don’t seem to​ know why, you might want to​ talk to​ someone about sleeping disorders.

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