Sleeper Sofa

I have some pretty vivid memories of​ the sleeper sofa from when I​ was a​ kid .​
My sister and I​ would always had to​ sleep on it​ whenever grandma came over to​ the house, and we never really looked forward to​ the experience .​
The thing was ancient .​
It was one of​ those old, collapsible folding beds .​
They had none of​ the elegance of​ modern sleeper sofas .​
Instead, it​ was made out of​ thick metal that would dig in​ to​ your back through the mattress, awkward springs, and jagged edges that would always nick you when you were folding or​ unfolding it .​
I​ would always end up with a​ backache after the first night, and there would be no way to​ get comfortable .​
Often, I​ would sleep on the floor just to​ avoid that bed.
It still baffles me why it​ took people so long to​ come up with a​ modern sleeper sofa design .​
The sleeper sofa that we have in​ our living room is​ practically as​ comfortable as​ our mattress bed .​
It is​ an​ extremely simple design .​
Basically, it​ is​ somewhere halfway between a​ couch and a​ futon .​
Rather than using heavy, hidden metal mechanisms, it​ uses lightweight wood components to​ fold down and up .​
You can set it​ up in​ a​ minute, and put it​ away just as​ quickly.
I have to​ say that it​ was a​ great investment .​
Before we got a​ sleeper sofa, we had to​ keep a​ bunch of​ extra mattresses around .​
You see, I​ am a​ musician, and as​ such I​ always have people coming through town .​
I​ play with a​ lot of​ different guys who like to​ stay over at​ the house to​ save money on hotel rooms .​
Back in​ the day, we would have to​ keep a​ store of​ cheap single mattresses in​ the basement .​
Every time the guys were coming over, we would haul them out and cover the living room with them .​
Nowadays, between the sleeper sofa and the futon, we don't have to​ do any of​ that .​
Both of​ them are perfectly functional as​ daytime furniture, and easily convert into beds at​ night.
If you are living with a​ limited amount of​ space, I​ highly recommend a​ sleeper sofa bed .​
All of​ my friends who live in​ small apartments swear by them, because they allow them to​ have a​ couch and a​ bed at​ the same time .​
From the point of​ view of​ trying to​ maximize your available space, it​ just makes more sense.

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