Sleep Sacks Do I Need One

Sleep Sacks Do I Need One

Sleep Sacks: Do I​ need one?
In short, if​ you plan on staying in​ youth hostels, yes.
Most hostels now require travelers to​ use sleep sacks when sleeping in​ the beds they provide .​
Youth Hostels will often provide you with a​ sleep sheet or​ regular sheet; more than likely this will cost extra money to​ use .​
However, because some youth hostels do not have them on hand, it​ is​ always a​ good idea to​ bring your own.
Sleep Sacks are simple really .​
Hostels have us use them because they help keep the beds clean .​
Clean beds are good .​
With sleep sacks, you also have the advantage of​ being able to​ chose your materials .​
For summer journeys, you may want to​ go with something very thin and slick so that it​ does not stick to​ you if​ you sweat a​ bit .​
For winter, you can chose a​ thicker material that will help keep you warm on cold nights.
To make a​ sleep sack, really all you need to​ do is​ take a​ sheet and fold it​ in​ half .​
Once you have it​ lined up right, you just sew up the bottom and half way up the side to​ create a​ sort of​ sheet version of​ the sleeping bag .​
Many travelers have asked about sleeping bags and whether or​ not they should take them along .​
In my opinion a​ sleeping bag is​ a​ bad idea .​
It’s bulky, hard to​ wash when you are in​ a​ hurry and have little detergent and supplies, and a​ lot of​ hostels do not even allow them do to​ personal hygiene reasons (you wouldn’t want a​ guy who has been living in​ the woods along interstates for three weeks sleeping next to​ you in​ a​ thick, sweaty sleeping bag) .​
So in​ answer to​ the original question, yes, you should take a​ sleep sack with if​ you are planning on staying in​ youth hostels .​
Sleep sacks are good for you, they are good for the hostels, and they are good for everyone else who is​ on the road.
I recommend you add a​ sleep sack to​ your list of​ things to​ pack .​
You won’t regret it.

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