Skype Secrets Revealed In These 21 Free Videos

Skype Secrets Revealed In These 21 Free Videos

Just last week I was browsing through a​ piece in​ Fortune 100 and​ found out about this thing I had never heard of​ before called skype. the​ two guys who started up skype are now rich beyond their craziest expectations. in​ due course they sold their brainwave ebay. if​ you havent heard of​ skype then you are probably wondering what I am going on about. a​ lot of​ people call it​ voip which is​ an​ acronym for​ voice over internet protocol. the​ idea is​ not new, you basically cam make phone calls over the​ internet for​ free.

So all you have to​ do is​ rig up a​ phone to​ your pc and​ you can see and​ talk to​ anyone anywhere in​ the​ world using skipe. it​ is​ essential you get a​ rapid broadband connection as​ quickly as​ you can. Fantastic voice quality is​ not guaranteed however if​ your connection is​ slow. Trying to​ use skype if​ you are on a​ dial up modem is​ next to​ impossible as​ the​ voice on the​ other end of​ the​ line continually breaks up and​ it​ can be very frustrating.

Interstingly enough due to​ skypes huge success big commercial telephone companies are trying to​ get a​ foothold in​ the​ marketplace. I guess the​ question remains, is​ it​ commercially viable. Will it​ take on the​ net by storm, or​ is​ it​ just a​ passing fad. the​ answer is​ simply time will tell. None of​ us can predict the​ future but if​ you look at​ the​ amount of​ people who use skype on a​ daily basis you will see millions of​ people using skype at​ the​ same time.

If previous experience is​ anything to​ go by then we can expect the​ big players to​ look at​ voip and​ skyp in​ minute detail. the​ most plausible scenario is​ that the​ federal govt will want a​ piece of​ the​ action by regulating it. if​ there is​ ever an​ opportunity to​ make big bucks from something that is​ free and​ that millions of​ people have access to, then you can be sure that the​ government will find a​ way to​ get a​ slice of​ the​ action. at​ the​ moment skype makes its money by charging people who phone land lines from their pc who use skipe.

It seems like voice over interet protocol and​ skyp is​ also at​ the​ forefront of​ web video conferencing as​ well. With 911 happenning in​ the​ not too distant past more people want to​ travel less and​ less so it​ is​ a​ great opportunity for​ voip to​ put video conferencing back on the​ map. Attaching a​ webcam to​ your computer is​ the​ easiest way for​ people to​ see each other online. if​ you consider yourself a​ technophobe, then that isn't a​ problem either as​ many pcs being sold on the​ market have inbuilt webcams so you dont have to​ connect anything.

Audio and​ video are becoming possible for​ everyone nowadays-in this day and​ age especially with the​ massive success of​ youtube. Many people think video and​ audio will be a​ passing fad but all the​ evidence points in​ the​ other direction.

Over the​ next 5 years we will see whether skype and​ voip takes off in​ the​ way many gurus predict. We'll see in​ the​ next few years.

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