Skydiving Equipment At San Diego For Beginners And Experts

Skydiving Equipment At San Diego For Beginners And Experts

At San Diego’s extreme sports centers you have an​ opportunity to​ make your first tandem jump or​ take on an​ accelerated freefall program that will allow you to​ eventually jump solo. So whether you are looking for​ a​ single experience of​ skydiving or​ a​ chance to​ learn the​ basics and​ more of​ the​ sport you will not be disappointed.

Skydive Elsinore's Xtreme Air Sports Skydiving School
Enjoy the​ beauty of​ the​ Elsinore Valley as​ you smoothly descend to​ the​ earth after 60 seconds of​ freefall when you tandem jump with the​ Skydive Elsinore’s Xtreme Air Sports Skydiving School. Before you make your tandem jump you would be taught the​ fundamentals of​ skydiving and​ this would include how to​ exit the​ airplane. what to​ expect of​ the​ freefall. how to​ pull the​ ripcord and​ basic functioning of​ a​ tandem parachute. You will be safe in​ the​ hands of​ experienced jumpmasters who will guide you through the​ whole process. Tandems jump costs $199 and​ group discounts begin at​ groups of​ over 3. the​ accelerated freefall program is​ priced at​ $329 for​ the​ first level and​ the​ prices go down as​ you graduate through the​ 5 levels. the​ drop zone at​ Skydive Elsinore has a​ snack bar. weekend BBQ and​ a​ perfect setting for​ a​ picnic for​ the​ family.

Getting There
Travel South-east on Cereal Rd. and​ turn left on Corydon Rd. Drive about .2 miles and​ turn left on Mission Trl. After a​ 1.3 mile drive move left into Malaga Rd. drive on and​ the​ Skydive Elsinore is​ at​ 20701 Cereal Rd. Lake Elsinore.

Skydive San Diego
Located at​ 13531 Otay Lakes Road. Jamul. the​ extreme sports center can be approached from the​ San Diego area by taking the​ I-5 S to​ Highway 54 East and​ then the​ I-805 South to​ the​ Telegraph Canyon Rd. East Exit. About 11 miles along the​ Otay Lake is​ the​ Skydive San Diego parachute center.

Programs and​ Prices
Your first tandem jump will cost $189 while an​ accelerated freefall course that will have you jumping on your own is​ priced at​ $329. With the​ AFF program you get a​ detailed understanding. practical and​ theoretical. of​ skydiving solo. Whatever your choice what is​ assured is​ an​ experience of​ a​ lifetime. the​ extreme sports center uses Super Twin Otters and​ Cessna caravan to​ transport their jumpers to​ the​ drop zone. the​ Skydive San Diego also offers patrons the​ facilities of​ a​ bunkhouse. packing lofts and​ a​ terrific BBQ area for​ you to​ enjoy with friends and​ family. at​ the​ Gear Shop you can buy skydiving gear and​ souvenirs to​ take home.

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