Skydiving Equipment And Supplies

Skydiving Supplies What You Need to​ Know

When you attend a​ skydiving certification course you will be able to​ hire all the​ skydiving supplies you need for​ the​ duration. However if​ you are serious about the​ sport you are going to​ need to​ equip yourself for​ action. Your basic equipment needs to​ begin with are a​ jump suit, goggles, and​ helmet. You may also like to​ buy your own altimeter and​ gloves.

Some of​ the​ equipment you will come across when shopping for​ skydiving supplies explained:

Altimeter – This is​ a​ device used by skydivers to​ measure the​ altitude above a​ landing area.This lets the​ diver known when its time to​ release the​ canopy.

Audible Altimeter – This sounds an​ alarm when the​ diver reaches a​ pre-set altitude

Canopy – This is​ the​ major component of​ a​ parachute.It is​ the​ material that is​ connected by lines to​ the​ harness that provides wind resistance and​ makes deceleration possible.

Pilot Chute – This is​ a​ small chute that works in​ conjunction with the​ main chute to​ speed up or​ initiate deployment.

Harness – What connects the​ diver to​ the​ chute and​ restrains the​ diver in​ position.

Automatic Activation Device – an​ Electro-mechanical devise that automatically deploys the​ reserve chute at​ a​ pre set time or​ velocity.

Containers – This is​ the​ bag that holds the​ chute until deployment.

Depending on your level of​ experience you can look into varying types of​ canopies and​ other devices that will affect the​ speed and​ control of​ your jumps. Some of​ the​ major suppliers of​ canopies include Icarus, Precision Aerodynamics and​ Aerodyne. You might also use other equipment such as​ knives, creepers, drag mats and​ windsocks. Skydiving supplies range from beginner products to​ professional and​ custom designs.

There are other components that you will come across when learning about equipment that are more advanced. Components such as​ rigging and​ static lines will effect your ability to​ control and​ maneuver your parachute. You will also be using toggles these are the​ mechanisms that are attached to​ the​ lines that allow you to​ slow your speed when you are about to​ land. They act as​ a​ break mechanism so that you can cont-rol your descent.
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