Skoda Objective Reviews From A Skoda Driver

Skoda Objective Reviews From A Skoda Driver

Skoda cars have an​ excellent reputation for producing quality cars at​ a​ fair price. in​ Ireland Skodas are a​ very popular car for business users and family drivers alike.

Gone are the days of​ the Skoda jokes, where Skoda was classed with Lada and Polski Fiat. Skoda is​ now part of​ the Volkswagen group and the cars are well designed and look great.

There are only three basic models, Fabia, Octavia and Superb.

The models have been designed to​ fit in​ between the conventional size classes, for example the Fabia is​ between a​ Fiesta and a​ Focus in​ size. The engines are quiet, but provide all the power that 99% of​ motorists ever need. Inside the cars are spacious and comfortable, with a​ high driver satisfaction rating.

The diesel engined Skoda Octavia has brilliant fuel economy at​ around 700 miles/1100 kilometres a​ tank full and it's still a​ decent performer too.

Rear legroom isn't brilliant, compensation for a​ big boot, but plenty big enough for a​ family and occasional adults

As for handling the Skoda Octavia beats the equivalent Volkswagens due to​ it's stiffer and better ride that's needed for rough Czech (and Irish)roads compared to​ the smooth German ones of​ Volkswagen.

Comfortable on long distances, but the road noise level is​ noticeable.

The Skoda Octavia Estate car just goes on and on. The loading platform seems endless. This estate car is​ also one of​ the most pleasant to​ drive that I have ever come across

The New Octavia car is​ even better value than the older model. The differences on the outside are subtle, but inside is​ different story, with redesigned seats and instrument panel. You know you are in​ a​ different Skoda Octavia.

The Skoda Fabia is​ quiet at​ all speeds. Great steering, brakes, and taut body control. Amazingly frugal engine keeps getting better as​ it​ matures, averaging over 65mpg on daily country commutes. Beautiful Skoda gearbox with very smooth changes.

Skoda's super efficient air-con does not affect the Fabia's performance or​ fuel consumption. Heated seats are perfect for winter. Rock solid construction enhances passenger safety.

I think that the skoda diesel engine is​ the perfect partner for this car as​ the fuel economy even in​ town is​ in​ the high 50's and the torque is​ amazing in​ this small car making it​ seriously quick, surprising a​ few Fiesta and Corsa drivers!

The Skoda Fabia is​ a​ real Pocket Rocket! The steering is​ brilliant - very light when you need it​ in​ parking spaces, but it​ weight's up nicely when out on the open road.

The Skoda Fabia estate is​ an​ amazing package of​ space and economy. The 1.2 16v engine delivers far more power than any small estate car driver has the right to​ expect

Seats appear to​ be too uncomfortable at​ the start as​ they are very hard, but they soften up and become very comfortable after 10 minutes and you appreciate this in​ a​ long drive and it​ is​ far better than it's rivals!

The ride is​ wonderful! Very supple for long distance cruising and a​ great handler. Amazing!

Loaded with kit for the money and you'll save money with it's excellent fuel economy.

Nowhere else will you find a​ value for money car like the Skoda Superb. The Superb has features that are generally only found in​ cars costing half as​ much again. a​ test drive in​ the Skoda Superb is​ a​ totally different world from a​ test drive in​ the very competent Skoda Octavia. The two cars may look very similar outside, but inside and for driving pleasure the Superb wins hands down.

The Skoda Superb really does live up to​ its name. it​ is​ superb in​ every way - good handling, excellent drive, full of​ features such as​ tip-tronic transmission and electric seat c/w memory, spacious cabin, comfortable ride and powerful engine (turbo). The boot is​ cavernous!

Its actual rear leg-room is​ even larger than a​ Mercedes E class.

The top of​ the range Skoda Superb is​ a​ very high quality, well put together and extremely spacious, luxury family car.

Great engine, smooth auto gearbox, wonderful overtaking ability, relaxed cruising and very economical.

Coupled with great features and reasonable price, the Skoda Superb really is​ value-for-money. It's money well spent!

Skoda Objective Reviews From A Skoda Driver

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