Skincare For The Bride To Be

Skincare For The Bride To Be

Skincare for​ the​ Bride to​ Be
Since,​ you​ dont want to​ compromise on​ anything right down from your wedding favors to​ your wedding gown and​ jewelry,​ why compromise on​ looking less than perfect on​ the​ day itself? if​ you​ have problem skin,​ you​ can always prepare yourself in​ advance with solutions from your kitchen while also seeking advice of​ a​ skin specialist . ​

Typically,​ there are 3 4 types of​ skins and​ they are
* Dry Skin
* Normal Skin
* Oily Skin
* Combination Skin
Women who have normal skin do not need to​ put in​ extra effort to​ take care of​ their skin . ​
However,​ women who have dry,​ oily,​ or​ combination skin must take extra care of​ their skin to​ ensure it​ is​ free of​ skin problems and​ glows with good health . ​

While there are plenty of​ good skin treatments available for​ mild to​ moderate skin problems,​ its imperative that you​ employ a​ good homebased treatment routine . ​
Your skin care routine must include a​ gentle facial exfoliant,​ a​ toner,​ a​ moisturizer,​ and​ a​ good cleanser or​ makeup remover that suits your skin type . ​

As a​ bride to​ be,​ you’d want to​ make sure that your homebased skin treatment is​ good enough to​ ensure that you​ look your glowing and​ stunning best on​ your wedding day . ​
if​ you​ think that you​ have moderate to​ severe skin problem,​ it’s best to​ consult a​ reputable and​ experienced Dermatologist or​ Esthetician . ​
Check with your girlfriends for​ a​ referral . ​
the​ best way to​ start professional skin treatment is​ to​ begin with a​ consultation . ​
Don’t fall for​ ‘package’ treatments instead stick to​ the​ traditional skin treatments and​ always make a​ decision only after you​ have researched for​ the​ products or​ medication over the​ Internet . ​
Remember,​ whatever treatment you​ undergo,​ it’s bound to​ reflect on​ your face and​ body!! So be careful,​ and​ make a​ wellthought of​ choice . ​

Having understood the​ basics,​ it’s now time to​ know everything about healthy,​ blemishfree,​ clear skin that glows with all its confidence . ​
It’s never too early to​ begin a​ skin care routine to​ ensure healthy and​ clear skin,​ even if​ this means starting a​ few months before your wedding ceremony . ​

Lets start with oily skin if​ you​ have oily skin,​ you​ need to​ keep a​ range of​ products especially formulated for​ oily skin at​ hand . ​
Usually women who have oily skin tend to​ have a​ drier epidermis but an​ oily underneath . ​
Depending on​ the​ season you​ are getting married in​ have a​ range of​ products that you​ can use during that season to​ maintain the​ health of​ your oily skin . ​

Heres the​ ideal routine for​ oily skin
Note Always use nongreasy creams,​ lotions,​ etc . ​
Since you​ already have oily skin,​ you​ dont need further lubrication . ​

Cleanser Your clean should be gel based . ​
Apply it​ on​ your face and​ neck with soft circular motions and​ rinse carefully,​ making sure you​ splash water at​ least 10 times . ​
in​ case you​ are getting married in​ winter you​ can use a​ creamier cleanser as​ you​ skin may become dry . ​

Toner Never use an​ ​alcohol​ based toner! These toners will dry your skin surface completely,​ while locking the​ impurities beneath it​ leading to​ pimples or​ ever acne . ​
you​ must never over dry you​ skin . ​
the​ best toners for​ oily skin are those with AHAs . ​

Tip Apply cucumber water with a​ clean cotton pad for​ a​ refreshing and​ clean feel . ​

Moisturizer Moisturizing oily skin helps prevent the​ release of​ more oil and​ pimples,​ since dry skin leads to​ production of​ oil . ​
a​ cream that matts the​ surface of​ your skin will give you​ a​ clean,​ clear,​ and​ younger looking skin . ​
and​ that’s what youd need on​ your wedding day!
Foundation if​ you​ want to​ use a​ foundation as​ a​ base for​ bridal makeup that’ll work . ​
Just make sure you​ cleanse your face and​ neck thoroughly before going to​ sleep . ​
Try to​ use only oilfree formulas . ​

You can use a​ make up remover made especially for​ oily skin type and​ use a​ clean cotton ball to​ wipe away the​ eye shadow,​ mascara,​ lipstick,​ liner etc . ​
you​ must also use a​ good quality facial exfoliant to​ get rid of​ the​ grime,​ dirt,​ and​ clogged pores . ​
Ideally you​ should use an​ exfoliant only twice each week,​ and​ concentrate on​ your T zone the​ forehead,​ nose,​ and​ chin . ​

Finally,​ if​ you​ have followed the​ routine laid out for​ you​ and​ are still affected by skin problems,​ run to​ an​ expert . ​
a​ dermatologist will be able to​ offer you​ better solutions and​ ensure your beauty is​ not just skin deep on​ your nuptials!

Skincare For The Bride To Be

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