Skin Treatment Medium Chemical Peels

Skin Treatment Medium Chemical Peels

In medium depth peels the​ chemical normally used is​ Trichloroacetic acid. TCA is​ used in​ many concentrations to​ get different results. This peel is​ stronger than the​ superficial peel that is​ normally done with AHA and​ less strong than deep peel normally done with phenol.

TCA peel is​ effective in​ treatment of​ fine surface wrinkles, superficial skin spots and​ blemishes, uneven pigmentation and​ other superficial skin problems. TCA peel may require an​ initial treatment with AHA or​ Retinoid Creams to​ make the​ skin thin and​ make TCA pill more effective. the​ treatment takes ten to​ fifteen minutes and​ this peel can be used on neck or​ other body parts also.

No anesthesia is​ needed for​ TCA peel as​ the​ chemical itself anesthetizes the​ skin. Some doctors give mild sedation to​ make the​ patient more comfortable during the​ treatment. the​ doctor cleans the​ skin thoroughly and​ then applies the​ solution on the​ skin. the​ initial stinging goes away after some time. After the​ treatment, you may feel swelling which may go after few days. the​ TCA peel may have to​ be repeated to​ get desired results.

Your doctor may cover your face with a​ tape that may be removed after a​ day or​ two. This depends upon the​ strength of​ the​ peel. Please avoid sun exposure for​ as​ long as​ possible after the​ peel. it​ is​ important to​ discuss the​ procedure, the​ effect and​ any other question you may have with your doctor before you get medium depth peel done. Sometimes TCA peel may produce some color changes in​ the​ skin. You may also have to​ avoid your normal activities for​ about a​ week or​ more.

This article is​ only for​ informative purposes. This article is​ not intended to​ be a​ medical advise and​ it​ is​ not a​ substitute for​ professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor for​ your medical concerns. Please follow any tip given in​ this article only after consulting your doctor. the​ author is​ not liable for​ any outcome or​ damage resulting from information obtained from this article

Skin Treatment Medium Chemical Peels

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