Skin Care What Are Ahas

Skin Care What Are Ahas

Skin Care What Are AHAs?
Antiaging and​ skin care products added with AHA are flooding the​ market . ​
Alpha hydroxy acids are supposed to​ smoothen fine lines and​ surface wrinkles,​ improve skin texture and​ tone,​ unblock and​ cleanse pores . ​
They also improve oily skin or​ acne,​ and​ improve skin condition in​ general . ​
AHA or​ Alpha Hydroxy Acids are not new to​ skin care . ​
Legends of​ Cleopatras milk baths are well known in​ beauty and​ skin care . ​
Polynesians used sugarcane and​ fruit juices to​ soften their skin . ​
the​ factor common to​ the​ properties of​ these natural products is​ this group of​ natural substances found in​ sugarcane,​ fruits,​ milk,​ molasses,​ etc . ​
,​ called AHA . ​

What are AHA molecules?
To find out if​ a​ cosmetic contains an​ AHA,​ look on​ the​ list of​ ingredients . ​
AHA ingredients may be listed as
Glycolic acid,​ lactic acid,​ malic acid,​ citric acid,​ glycolic acid + ammonium glycolate,​ alphahydroxyethanoic acid + ammonium alphahydroxyethanoate,​ alphahydroxyoctanoic acid,​ alphahydroxycaprylic acid,​ hydroxycaprylic acid,​ mixed fruit acid,​ trialpha hydroxy fruit acids,​ triple fruit acid,​ sugar cane extract,​ alpha hydroxy and​ botanical complex,​ Lalpha hydroxy acid glycomer in​ cross linked fatty acids alpha nutrium three AHAs . ​

How AHA works?
To find out how AHA works for​ skin care,​ let us see how the​ skin grows old,​ and​ how to​ keep it​ younger . ​
Cells in​ the​ outer layers of​ skin are bound together by intercellular fluid . ​
as​ one ages,​ this gluelike substance binds the​ skin cells tighter and​ denser . ​
Dead skin layers build up and​ unlike young skin,​ natural exfoliation becomes difficult . ​
This group of​ natural acids has the​ ability to​ loosen this intercellular fluid,​ and​ allows the​ top layer of​ dead skin to​ slough off easily . ​
Thus AHA products cause exfoliation,​ or​ shedding of​ the​ surface skin . ​
the​ extent of​ exfoliation depends on​ the​ type and​ concentration of​ the​ AHA,​ its pH acidity,​ and​ other ingredients in​ the​ product . ​
Most skin care cosmetics sold to​ consumers contain AHA at​ levels up to​ 10 percent . ​

Side effects of​ AHA
The side effects from AHA containing products can include burns,​ itching,​ pain,​ and​ possibly scarring . ​
the​ degree of​ acidity the​ pH of​ the​ product also can affect irritation . ​
Some experts advise that people should purchase products with AHA concentrations of​ 10% or​ less and​ a​ pH of​ 3 . ​
5 or​ higher the​ higher the​ pH,​ the​ lower the​ acidity . ​
if​ any adverse effects occur,​ the​ use should be stopped immediately . ​
in​ any case,​ people are advised to​ avoid sunlight or​ use proper protection when using them . ​

The best way to​ use AHA products would be to​ try the​ product for​ some time and​ see the​ difference in​ skin . ​
Avoid sunlight exposure while using AHA products and​ watch for​ any side effects . ​
Consulting your dermatologist before using these products would be a​ still better course of​ action,​ and​ the​ best would be to​ take Cleopatras recipe for​ Milk bath,​ and​ remain younger . ​

This article is​ only for​ informative purposes . ​
This article is​ not intended to​ be a​ medical advise and​ it​ is​ not a​ substitute for​ professional medical advice . ​
Please consult your doctor for​ your medical concerns . ​
Please follow any tip given in​ this article only after consulting your doctor . ​
the​ author is​ not liable for​ any outcome or​ damage resulting from information obtained from this article . ​

Skin Care What Are Ahas

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