Skin Care Treatment In Your Refridgerator

Skin Care Treatment In Your Refridgerator

Skin Care Treatment in​ Your Refridgerator
When it​ comes to​ skin treatment,​ there are few things more satisfyingly exquisite than a​ pampering facial . ​
a​ facial mask can help you​ relax and​ rejuvenate at​ the​ end of​ the​ day,​ or​ can mark the​ transition from a​ stressful week of​ work to​ a​ weekend full of​ fun . ​
However,​ a​ facial skin treatment at​ an​ upscale spa can cost upwards of​ a​ hundred dollars,​ and​ being worried about the​ impact on​ your wallet can take the​ relaxation right out of​ a​ facial . ​
Luckily,​ it​ is​ possible to​ whip up your own moisturizing facial mask at​ home with ingredients that you​ probably have in​ your kitchen right now . ​
Making your own skin treatment at​ home can help you​ get the​ feeling of​ upscale luxury without paying top dollar . ​

The easiest and​ perhaps most classic skin treatment involves a​ single,​ skin nourishing ingredient pure honey . ​
to​ open your pores,​ drape a​ warm washcloth over your face for​ about thirty seconds; then apply a​ thin layer of​ honey over the​ surface of​ your cheeks,​ chin,​ forehead,​ and​ any other places that could benefit from an​ additional infusion of​ revitalizing moisture . ​
Lie down and​ relax for​ ten to​ fifteen minutes while the​ honey penetrates your skin and​ replenishes it​ with moisture; then gently wipe the​ honey away with lukewarm water and​ a​ washcloth . ​
Splash your face with cool water to​ snap your pores shut,​ then pat your face dry gently to​ seal in​ the​ moisture . ​
This simple skin treatment lets you​ put your best face forward,​ and​ can help you​ give an​ average day a​ very special feeling . ​

Oatmeal makes for​ another simple skin treatment that is​ ideal for​ problem skin . ​
if​ you​ suffer from breakouts or​ sometimes have trouble controlling an​ oily shine,​ an​ oatmeal mask can help pull the​ excess oil from your face without drying out your skin . ​
This mask will gives you​ with a​ healthy,​ matte complexion that is​ sure to​ leave you​ smiling . ​
Simply mix a​ bit of​ water into pure rolled oats to​ create a​ thick,​ moist paste . ​
to​ open your pores before applying the​ mask,​ fill a​ bowl with hot water and​ lean over it​ face first,​ with a​ towel draped over the​ back of​ your head to​ create a​ kind of​ steam tent . ​
for​ an​ extra luxurious scent,​ add a​ tablespoon of​ your favorite herb,​ like peppermint or​ rosemary,​ to​ the​ water . ​
Breathe deeply for​ five to​ ten minutes,​ allowing the​ steam to​ penetrate the​ surface of​ your face . ​
Then,​ wipe away the​ moisture on​ your face with your towel and,​ using your fingertips,​ gently apply a​ thin layer of​ the​ oatmeal paste all over your face . ​
Wait for​ the​ oatmeal to​ dry and​ harden,​ a​ process that usually takes between ten and​ fifteen minutes; then wipe it​ away with a​ damp,​ lukewarm washcloth . ​
Pat your face dry,​ and​ enjoy the​ results of​ your exquisite homemade skin treatment . ​

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