Skin Care Products For Your New Baby

Skin Care Products For Your New Baby

As most of​ you know,​ a​ baby's skin is​ considerably more sensitive than the​ average adult. For that reason,​ it​ is​ vitally important that you use natural skin care products for your child. Many skin care products contain chemicals and fragrances that can irritate your new baby's skin. By knowing which products to​ avoid,​ and which products you should use,​ you can ensure that your little one grows up with healthy beautiful skin.

Weleda Diaper Care Cream is​ by far one of​ the​ best products we​ have found to​ date. Weleda was established back in​ 1921 by physicians and pharmacists under the​ guidance of​ Dr. Rudolf Steiner. the​ main ingredients in​ their diaper care cream are almond oil,​ calendula flower,​ chamomile flower,​ lanolin,​ and lavender oil. These ingredients are contained in​ a​ base of​ zinc oxide. This product provides highly effective treatment for painful diaper rash. it​ is​ truly one-of-a-kind.

Lavera Baby Toothpaste is​ yet another excellent product,​ with absolutely no harmful ingredients. it​ contains no fluoride,​ phosphate,​ or​ sugar. it​ is​ made with all natural silica,​ which is​ very effective at​ cleaning your baby's new teeth. This toothpaste is​ also ideal for helping your growing child with learning to​ brush his or​ her own teeth,​ as​ it​ is​ safe to​ swallow. This product is​ also certified organic.

Dr. Hauschka's Sunscreen Spray for Children is​ an​ incredible product. it​ has an​ SPF of​ 20,​ and is​ ideal for day-to-day use. the​ wonderful thing about this sunscreen is​ that it​ is​ colored,​ and allows one to​ see exactly where it​ has been applied. it​ has a​ pure and natural composition,​ and is​ safe for use on​ all skin types. it​ is​ also water resistant,​ so parents can relax knowing their children have the​ best sun protection on​ the​ beach or​ in​ the​ water. Furthermore,​ the​ plant-based nutrients moisturize your little one's skin while the​ sun dries it​ out.

Lavera Baby Shampoo will transform bath time with your baby into an​ oasis of​ fun. as​ with other products from this excellent company,​ Lavera Baby Shampoo is​ comprised of​ all natural ingredients such as​ organic almond and wheat extract. This tear-free shampoo is​ perfect for your baby's sensitive skin,​ as​ it​ helps to​ maintain the​ natural moisture balance of​ your baby's skin. This gentle,​ mild-foaming shampoo is​ perfect for children and adults alike.

Regardless of​ the​ products you have chosen to​ use with your children,​ it​ cannot hurt to​ learn more about the​ other products that are available on​ the​ market. While many companies advertise their products as​ natural,​ most of​ them cannot be considered truly natural. the​ products mentioned above are just a​ few of​ the​ excellent products we​ have discovered and had the​ pleasure to​ use. we​ hope you check them out for yourself.

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