Skin Care Decreased Perspiration

Skin Care Decreased Perspiration

Skin Care Decreased Perspiration
Perspiration is​ important for​ our health to​ keep the​ normal body temperature . ​
Some of​ us suffer from excess perspiration,​ while some of​ us have very low perspiration or​ no perspiration . ​

Perspiration either excessive or​ very low both are bad . ​
Excessive perspiration unless a​ disease causes it,​ is​ only a​ nuisance whereas decreased perspiration can be life threatening sometimes . ​
in​ decreased perspiration the​ patient either perspires very little or​ does not perspire at​ all . ​
Decreased perspiration may be because of
Inherited Disease Some children inherit a​ condition known as​ hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia HED,​ and​ are born without any sweat gland . ​
This condition puts them at​ high risk that may be life threatening . ​

Some medications some ​Drug​s interfere with the​ working of​ sweat glands . ​
Especially some ​Drug​s used for​ mental disorders can cause this . ​

Disorder of​ autonomic neuropathy when some nerves that control the​ autonomic functions of​ the​ body are damaged,​ the​ sweat glands stop functioning normally . ​

Burns and​ infection with some burns,​ the​ sweat glands are damaged and​ some infections of​ sweat glands stop the​ normal functioning of​ sweat glands . ​

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Skin Care Decreased Perspiration

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