Skin Care Anti Aging Guide

Skin Care Anti Aging Guide

Skin Care AntiAging Guide
Why is​ it​ that the​ skin of​ a​ newborn baby can conjure up feelings of​ envy in​ many of​ us? Simply because,​ as​ we​ age,​ our skin loses that satinysmooth feeling it​ once had . ​
Our environment,​ our age,​ what we​ eat,​ and​ the​ amount of​ sleep we​ get all play a​ part in​ the​ look and​ feel of​ our skin . ​

Because most of​ us have,​ at​ some point in​ our lives,​ not followed all the​ rules when it​ comes to​ proper skin care,​ we​ may feel that it​ is​ too late to​ do anything about it​ now . ​
Thankfully,​ there is​ hope! Let’s look at​ a​ few tools that can help slow the​ aging process and​ give our skin a​ youthful glow
1 . ​
What you​ are is​ what you​ eat
Remember that old saying? it​ is​ true that by consuming fruits and​ vegetables,​ especially brightly coloured fruit and​ leafy greens,​ we​ are giving our bodies vitamins and​ antioxidants that combat the​ breakdown of​ collagen and​ elastin in​ our skin . ​
Also important is​ to​ make sure to​ drink water every day . ​
Studies tell us different amounts to​ drink,​ from 2 glasses to​ 8,​ but they all agree on​ one thing drinking water is​ good for​ you!
2 . ​
Moisturize,​ moisturize,​ moisturize
Think of​ all the​ hot showers and​ baths you​ have taken; sure,​ they clean your skin,​ but they also dry it​ out . ​
Our skin gets drier as​ part of​ the​ aging process,​ too . ​
So,​ the​ best thing to​ combat dryness,​ of​ course,​ is​ to​ get some moisturizer and​ apply it! Your local ​Drug​ store or​ beauty spa sells a​ great variety of​ moisturizers,​ and​ one of​ them will be just the​ right one for​ your skin . ​
Ask the​ beauty advisor or​ pharmacist for​ assistance if​ you’re not sure which one to​ buy . ​

3 . ​
Sun exposure = sun damage
You can enjoy the​ warmth of​ the​ sun without damaging your skin simply by wearing sunscreen . ​
an​ SPF rating of​ 15 or​ higher is​ recommended,​ and​ it’s important to​ reapply if​ you​ are outside for​ long periods of​ time,​ or​ have been swimming or​ exercising . ​
the​ UVA and​ UVB rays that come from the​ sun contribute to​ wrinkles,​ dryness,​ and​ of​ course sunburn . ​
There is​ also the​ risk of​ skin cancer . ​
So,​ take a​ couple of​ minutes to​ slather on​ some sunscreen,​ and​ have fun in​ the​ outdoors while taking care of​ your skin!
4 . ​
the​ AHA Factor
AHA,​ or​ Alpha Hydroxy Acid,​ is​ a​ chemical commonly found in​ moisturizers and​ other skin care products . ​
if​ your skin is​ looking dull,​ AHA works to​ get rid of​ old skin cells and​ get your skin looking soft and​ healthy . ​

5 . ​
Get your beauty sleep
Take time to​ get some sleep at​ least 7 to​ 8 hours per night . ​
While we​ sleep,​ our bodies recharge and​ prepare for​ a​ new day . ​
Our skin recharges too . ​
So,​ no matter how busy your day is,​ keep an​ eye on​ that clock,​ and​ before it​ gets late,​ take a​ few moments to​ relax and​ unwind . ​
This will help you​ get the​ restful sleep you,​ and​ your skin,​ need . ​

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