Skin Care Advices For Your Special Event

Skin Care Advices For Your Special Event

Skin Care Advices for​ Your Special Event
Each one who is​ preparing himself for​ a​ major event in​ his life or​ who will be in​ front of​ the​ public eye wants to​ look very beautiful and​ attractive on​ this big day,​ for​ example ;graduation day ,​engagement day or​ wedding day ,​… . ​
etc . ​

So you​ can follow some simple tips to​ help you​ to​ avoid the​ problems that could occur with your skin especially on​ your special day . ​

Rosacea skin or​ Acne
If your skin condition is​ like Rosacea or​ Acne,​ you​ have to​ visit a​ dermatologist before this big day by 3 or​ 4 months at​ least . ​
This period to​ put your condition under control and​ give time to​ your skin to​ heal up for​ this occasion . ​

Sweating,​ Unwanted hair and​ Wrinkles
Think of​ having treatments like Botox to​ control the​ excessive sweating and​ for​ the​ frown lines . ​
you​ can use Artecoll,​ Juvederm,​ Restylane fillers for​ scars,​ creases,​ and​ wrinkles . ​
Also you​ can make laser treatments to​ remove the​ unwanted hair or​ to​ remove blood vessels which are broken from your face . ​
These treatments have to​ be used before the​ major event by at​ least 3 weeks,​ to​ develop the​ benefits of​ the​ treatment and​ also to​ resolve any side effects resulted from them like small bruises or​ redness . ​
you​ can decide the​ time and​ the​ plan you​ are going to​ make with your dermatologist to​ put this time into your consideration before you​ begin these treatments . ​

New Cosmetics
You have to​ test new cosmetics in​ advance to​ decrease the​ risk that could happen and​ the​ interference with the​ enjoyment of​ this event,​ like irritant reaction or​ allergy . ​

Sun Tanning
You have to​ use sun protection as​ it​ is​ very important especially at​ the​ weeks before the​ great event to​ decrease the​ risk of​ having peeling or​ sunburn . ​
you​ also have to​ be away from experimenting with tanning beds especially in​ the​ weeks before the​ great event,​ this is​ because the​ probability of​ having an​ undesired reaction caused by the​ U . ​
V light . ​

Self Tanning
You must avoid the​ first time usage of​ sprayon trans and​ the​ selftanning creams for​ 3weeks in​ advance before the​ big event in​ order not to​ have unusual color created or​ allergic reaction from these products . ​
But if​ you​ want to​ use them,​ so you​ have to​ test them about several months before; to​ get reliable results and​ be safe . ​
Some selftanning products can discolor fine clothing due to​ the​ pigments created by them,​ so it​ is​ better to​ avoid them within a​ week before the​ special day . ​

Sometimes there is​ allergic reaction or​ flare up of​ Acne before the​ great event you​ are waiting like the​ graduation day or​ the​ wedding day,​ so you​ have to​ arrange an​ immediate appointment with your dermatologist so he can help you​ by modern medical treatments . ​
Many of​ them give you​ a​ high priority appointment in​ such emergency cases especially when he knows that there is​ a​ big event coming up . ​
He becomes very sympathetic with such cases as​ he knows how important this event to​ you . ​

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