Skin Cancer Do You Visit Tanning Salons

Skin Cancer Do You Visit Tanning Salons

One of​ the​ main causes of​ skin cancer is​ exposure to​ harmful sunrays. if​ you thought that getting tanned at​ tanning salons was safer than the​ sun, please think again before visiting any salon again. Tanning beds and​ sunlamps are as​ dangerous as​ the​ sunrays.

Most of​ the​ bulbs used in​ the​ salons emit both UVA and​ UVB radiations that are also found in​ the​ sunlight and​ are responsible for​ both Melanoma and​ Nonmelonoma types of​ cancers. Exposure to​ tanning bulbs also reduces our bodys ability to​ repair the​ damaged DNA, which is​ caused by UV radiation.

Tanning not only may cause cancers as​ the​ last damage but also prematurely ages the​ skin. How many of​ us realize that tanning is​ bodys response to​ damage to​ the​ skin. every time, you get tanned , you accumulate skin damage. There is​ no such thing as​ safe tanning.

Unfortunately the​ cosmetic trends are pushing more women to​ tanning salons. More people are inviting cancer for​ the​ sake of​ the​ tanned look. Melanoma can kill if​ not diagnosed earlier. Unfortunately the​ young population is​ not changing its behavior about getting tanned. as​ they accumulate skin damage over the​ years, their getting affected by skin cancer at​ later stage of​ their life is​ increasing.

If you are one of​ those who believe that a​ tan is​ good and​ that tanning beds or​ sun lamps are safe, please stop using them. You are putting your life to​ a​ very painful death.

This article is​ only for​ informative purposes. This article is​ not intended to​ be a​ medical advise and​ it​ is​ not a​ substitute for​ professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor for​ your medical concerns. Please follow any tip given in​ this article only after consulting your doctor. the​ author is​ not liable for​ any outcome or​ damage resulting from information obtained from this article.

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