Six Possible Ways To Prevent Or Fight Cancer

Six Possible Ways To Prevent Or Fight Cancer

You may have recently read that due to​ advances in​ the​ treatment of​ heart disease, cancer has become the​ number one killer in​ North America. This is​ interesting news.

You might want to​ know how you can possibly prevent and​ fight cancer, but if​ you do have or​ even think you have cancer or​ any other health condition, be sure to​ consult your primary care physician for​ proper diagnoses and​ treatment. This article is​ for​ information purposes only.

Some steps that may help you to​ fight or​ prevent cancer.

1.Juicing is​ a​ powerful way to​ find health, partly because fresh juice has powerful antioxidants but also because juices contain loads of​ phytochemicals.

All of​ the​ plant chemicals have NOT been isolated but just remember that most of​ todays drugs are synthetic imitations of​ naturally occurring plant chemicals. There is​ speculation that these phytochemicals work better in​ the​ combinations that nature has produced them in.

Fresh fruit juice provides those phytochemicals to​ the​ body. in​ order to​ make fresh juice, consider getting a​ juicer or​ a​ a​ Vitamix blender.

It is​ a​ lot easier to​ get the​ health benefits of​ drinking a​ pound of​ carrots rather than trying to​ eat a​ pound. a​ pound of​ carrots basically makes less than a​ full cup of​ juice.

Just think about how many powerful phytochemicals you can get into your body this way.

And cabbage juice has been rumoured to​ lower the​ risk of​ cancer. it​ doesn't taste great, but so what? This may be due to​ a​ chemical that rapidly disappears after the​ cabbage becomes juice, so you must drink it​ quickly.

Vitamin U which comes from cabbage juice has been very useful to​ people with ulcers.

2. Antioxidants can reduce the​ amount of​ free radicals in​ the​ body. Many scientists consider that the​ actions of​ free radicals in​ your body may lead to​ cancer. Some excellent antioxidants include vitamins A,C and​ E, Alpha Lipoic Acid and​ Coenzyme Q-10 (available at​ health food stores or​ online)

3. Your mental state is​ important, grab a​ copy of​ Bernie Siegel's book, 'Love, Medicine and​ Miracles'. This book talks about patients who went into remission. Bernie believes their remissions were due to​ changes in​ their mental states. basically, by becoming more loving towards others they may have affected a​ change in​ their bodies.

4. Use Essiac Tea - which is​ a​ special blend of​ herbs that was used by Indians in​ Canada. a​ Canadian nurse used it​ to​ treat many cancer patients. This combination of​ herbs includes Turkish Rhubarb, Sheep Sorrel, Burdock Root and​ Slippery Elm Bark.

5. Read the​ book 'How to​ Fight Cancer and​ Win' - This book remains popular despite the​ fact that it​ was written over a​ decade ago. the​ author used to​ work for​ a​ pharmaceutical company in​ Germany. He travelled far to​ find the​ information he shares in​ this book.

6. Get the​ right kind of​ exercise. the​ Falun Dafa exercises are perfect for​ frail, physically unfit people as​ well as​ those who are in​ great shape. Ask your doctor before changing your level of​ physical activity.

This article and​ its contents are for​ informational purposes only. No guarantee on accuracy is​ claimed or​ implied. This information is​ not meant to​ diagnose, treat or​ prevent any health condition or​ problem. if​ you have a​ health condition or​ issue or​ think you might, contact your primary care physician for​ proper diagnoses and/or treatment. This information has not been tested or​ evaluated by the​ USFDA nor by anyone else.

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