Site5 Web Hosting Review

Site5 Web Hosting Review

I have been hosting some of​ my websites with Site5 for​ about a​ year now. I also have other websites hosted in​ other web hosting companies. Here is​ my review for​ site5 based on my own personal experience with them

Why I choose Site5

I got to​ know about Site5 through the​ webhostingtalk forums. at​ that time, I was searching for​ a​ reliable and​ reputable cheap web hosting company for​ a​ couple of​ my new websites. and​ I’ve heard a​ lot of​ good reviews about Site5 and​ so decide to​ try them out. Since they have a​ 60 day money back refund, I figure if​ I did not like it, I would ask for​ my money back. Anyway, I was basically testing their web hosting on my new websites so I was not terribly affected.

Site5 Hosting Plan

Site5 only offer two types of​ hosting plan : shared and​ reseller. So I took the​ superhosting extreme package. Basically here’s the​ brief web hosting package details :

Diskspace : 8GB
Bandwidth : 500GB
Multisite Accounts : 5
Unlimited : domain pointers, ftp, mysql

It also comes with fantastico, cpanel. All this for​ about $109 annually which is​ pretty cheap. Please note this hosting plan is​ no longer available and​ is​ replaced with multisite dynamite plan. it​ is​ basically the​ same as​ my previous plan except for​ more diskspace and​ bandwidth. as​ I’m writing this, they have a​ promotion where you can get this hosting plan for​ 2 years at​ only $149 which I consider to​ be a​ good deal.

Unique Features of​ Site5 hosting

One feature I like about site5 hosting is​ the​ multisite accounts. it​ is​ basically a​ full featured control panel for​ each domain. Unlike other shared web hosting companies which uses domain pointers, a​ multisite accounts exists on its own with its own subdomains, domain pointer, ftp, mysql etc. This help me to​ organize my websites better especially if​ you have a​ lot of​ domains. You can set the​ diskspace and​ bandwidth from the​ main pool of​ your web hosting account.

The other feature is​ the​ flashback which allows you to​ undo any changes you make to​ your website. it​ is​ a​ life saver especially when a​ website breaks down and​ you do not know the​ cause.

Things that can be improved

Though I like Site5 and​ would recommend it​ to​ friends, there are a​ few things that could make it​ better. One of​ them is​ the​ upgrade option. I recently upgraded my hosting plan to​ multisite dynamite and​ was told I had to​ shift to​ another server. the​ problem was I had to​ do the​ data transfer myself. With 3GB of​ data to​ transfer, not to​ mention the​ dozens of​ ftp, mysql and​ email accounts, it​ was a​ real hassle. Something I am sure their staff could have easily completed in​ a​ short time.

The other thing I didn’t like was I could not request for​ more IP addresses. if​ you know about SEO, then you know how having multiple IP addresses can be useful.

In all, I would still recommend site5 due to​ its cheap web hosting plan, good support and​ high availability.

Site5 Web Hosting Review

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