Site Build It Review

Site Build It Review

My Site Build it​ review is​ the personal story of​ how I started out on the Net. at​ that time I had no idea how to​ build a​ web site.

I did not have the HTML skills to​ build my own and I certainly could not afford to​ pay a​ web designer!

When I stumbled upon Site Build It, my prayers were answered. Now I could put all those ideas into action by building my own web site for an​ affordable price.

How did Site Build it​ give me this freedom?

Well,for a​ start I did not need to​ know HTML,FTP etc. - the software does it​ all!

I got my own domain name and unlimited pages in​ my web site. Web hosting also part of​ the package.

There was also Full HTML Editor compatibility - i.e. you can build your web pages in​ your favourite HTML Editor such as​ Dreamweaver and upload them to​ SBI. a​ webmaster's dream!

Included also was:

1) Brain storming of​ the profitable keywords which ensures high ranking in​ the search engines.

2) Automatic search engine submission of​ your web pages.

3) In-built facility to​ mail out your own ezine.

4) Link exchange facility - allowing you to​ choose what sites to​ link with.

5) a​ Spam Checking tool to​ ensure your ezine reaches its intended audience.

6) Automatic checking of​ your search engine ranking position.

Are there any disadvantages?

Well, Site Build it​ is​ aimed at​ the small and home business end of​ the market. if​ you want a​ site
for a​ large portal with a​ large database, it​ is​ not the correct choice.

However, if​ you have a​ dream of​ building your own small business with the proven record of​ Ken Evoy's Site Build It, then I would recommend you look at​ this video Site Build it​ review and see how other people are succeeding:

Site Build It Review

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