Single Trip Travel Insurance At Ease

Single Trip Travel Insurance At Ease

Single trip cover insures you​ for a​ single holiday or​ business trip abroad. Where risks are higher,​ for example for the​ over 65s,​ then many companies will not cover for an​ entire year. Single Trip Travel Insurance,​ covers you​ for any medical emergencies or​ others during your trip abroad.

Not only does it​ cover you​ against the​ financial impact of​ an​ unexpected cancellation and problems such as​ illness or​ an​ accident whilst you're away,​ but arranging single trip insurance needn't take long. And it​ needn't cost a​ lot either.

Such travel insurance provides an​ excellent level of​ insurance cover which is​ suitable for any typical holiday abroad. Features include:
• Any destination
• Ideal for typical holidays abroad
• Any length of​ trip up to​ one year

Single trip travel insurance uk covers:
Trip Delays
Flight cancellation
Lost/Stolen baggage,​ passports

You know that wherever you​ are travelling in​ the​ world,​ multi-lingual medical assistance is​ just a​ phone call away,​ 24 hours a​ day. you​ also have the​ reassurance of​ knowing that the​ range and levels of​ our travel insurance cover is​ among the​ most comprehensive available anywhere in​ the​ UK.

Comprehensive travel insurance package!

Full range of​ insurance cover and is​ our most popular product. Suitable for most types of​ holiday,​ it​ is​ competitively priced,​ whilst offering better cover than most other policies of​ this type. Whether it​ is​ for your family or​ just a​ single person,​ you​ have customised insurance policies for all.

Family travel insurance policies include an​ unlimited number of​ children under the​ age of​ 18,​ including step and foster children. in​ addition to​ this,​ those under 23 are classed as​ children on​ family policies if​ they are still in​ full-time education. Unmarried and same-sex couples are treated in​ exactly the​ same way as​ married couples,​ provided they have been living at​ the​ same residential address for the​ last 12 months.

Single Trip Travel Insurance – flexible to​ your needs! if​ you​ want your insurance to​ be favourable to​ you,​ it​ is​ important that you​ tell your insurance experts if​ you​ have any existing medical conditions. Detail out all those that is​ likely to​ influence us in​ the​ assessment or​ acceptance of​ this insurance. Failure to​ do so may mean that you​ have insufficient cover in​ the​ event of​ a​ claim. All of​ our policies are designed to​ be flexible and gives enough insurance cover when you​ are travelling abroad.

Single Trip Travel Insurance At Ease

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