Simple Yet Effective Lead Generation Strategies For Beginners

Simple Yet Effective Lead Generation Strategies For Beginners

Lead Generation is​ essential to​ a​ profitable long term business. if​ you plan on having continued success with your business then it​ is​ a​ no brainier! Read on for​ some of​ my favorite lead generation strategies.

Build a​ Landing Page

Using a​ landing page is​ the​ number one outlet for​ generating quality leads. You need a​ landing page to​ generate leads!

Your landing page should consist of​ a​ few things. Most importantly a​ form that will capture the​ visitors contact information so you can follow up with them. Next, you should have some kind of​ headline that leads in​ to​ some ad copy that outlines the​ benefits of​ what your offering.

Your headline needs to​ grab your visitors attention and​ keep them reading. Your ad copy should tease the​ reader enough to​ get them to​ fill out their information to​ continue. It's always a​ good idea to​ have your landing page redirect to​ a​ relevant offer after they fill out their information.

Luring Visitors With Incentives

Incentives are a​ good way to​ grab effortless leads. Although your response rate will be lower you'll get more leads to​ make up for​ it. Write a​ free report on the​ offer your generating leads for. There are many things you can offer for​ free. Get creative with it!

It's important to​ note that some sponsors do not accept incentive leads. Make sure you read your sponsors terms and​ conditions before you use that technique.

Split Testing is​ a​ Must

You should constantly be trying new things with your landing pages to​ see what converts and​ what doesn't. You could be losing out on major profits if​ you don't split test your landing page. Split testing can be done using special scripts or​ you can do it​ manually.

I always like to​ find ways to​ automate my business so I go the​ extra mile and​ install the​ scripts to​ track the​ split test.

Promote your landing page with Pay Per Click advertising

I use PPC Advertising as​ my main source of​ leads. I've generated thousands of​ leads for​ my sponsors or​ offers using various PPC Advertising programs. My personal favorite right now is​ MSN Ad Center. It's still very inexpensive and​ very effective. Google Adwords has become crowded and​ is​ more competitive then ever. I am all for​ competition but I like easy profits to​ :)

If you are using Google Adwords to​ generate leads then you should definitely think about adding more to​ your landing pages. Google Adwords now implements a​ quality score algorithm that will make your ads more expensive.

Things you can do to​ improve your quality score.

One thing you can do is​ add a​ free web directory to​ your landing page. Add some relevant links and​ generate pages. You should aim for​ at​ least 20 pages. Try to​ add more over time.

You can also try adding related articles as​ home pages.

Make sure you pay close attention to​ all of​ your PPC campaigns as​ these can break your bank quick if​ left unattended. Always test and​ track your keywords to​ see what works.

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