Silent Auctions All Done All Done Sold

Silent Auctions All Done All Done Sold

Silent auctions are a​ way of​ disposing of​ auction items without employing the​ services of​ an​ auctioneer – one of​ the​ main reasons silent auctions are popular as​ charity and​ organizational fundraisers. Here’s how it​ works.

The items to​ be auctioned are put on display. for​ example, a​ chamber of​ commerce may have solicited goods and​ services from people in​ the​ community for​ sale at​ an​ annual chamber banquet or​ other event. if​ you’re interested, you simply browse through the​ offerings. Find something you like? Bidding is​ easy. You just pick up a​ pen and​ write down your name along with what you’d pay for​ that item

The point is​ that you’re not bidding “in the​ dark” like sealed bid auctions. in​ that case, you submit your bid in​ writing in​ a​ sealed envelope. the​ envelope is​ opened and​ the​ highest (or lowest, as​ the​ case may be) bidder is​ notified. But in​ silent auctions, you have the​ opportunity to​ see what someone else bid on a​ particular item. Often, you can even see who submitted that bid, though some silent auctions assign numbers for​ your bidding to​ ensure anonymity.

If you enjoy auctions, there are some real pros and​ some cons to​ silent auctions. One of​ the​ biggest pros is​ that there’s no need to​ stand around and​ wait for​ the​ item you’re interested in​ to​ come around – a​ process that sometimes takes hours. Instead of​ waiting until the​ auctioneer comes to​ that item, you can just walk around and​ bid on whatever catches your eye.

If you think that the​ excitement of​ bidding against another bidder is​ absent from silent auctions, think again. the​ bidding can sometimes become fierce with several people “guarding” the​ item they are bidding on to​ watch for​ opposing bidders. When that happens, the​ people who are most interested in​ the​ item may get into a​ “silent” bidding war, just as​ in​ a​ traditional auction. One will barely wait for​ another to​ move before placing a​ new bid.

One negative of​ the​ silent auctions is​ that you have to​ watch an​ item you’re interested in. Typically, there will be a​ notice that the​ auction is​ about to​ draw to​ a​ close so that you have one last chance to​ check the​ status of​ your bids, and​ to​ make one last bid.

Another negative is​ that it’s more difficult to​ make small increment bids that really count. the​ best way to​ scare off other bidders and​ potential bidders is​ to​ simply make a​ large jump in​ your bid amount.

Silent auctions can be a​ good way to​ raise money, and​ can be incredibly fun for​ the​ bidder.

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