Signing Your Email

Signing Your Email

Signing Your Email
You have probably received countless emails with signature files .​
a​ signature file is​ the file at​ the end of​ the email that adds extra information .​
Some people use the signature file to​ include their name, title, and company name .​
Others personalize it​ with their favorite quote .​
Whatever your desire, you can make a​ signature file that works for you.
A signature file is​ an​ easy way to​ market your business .​
Setting up your signature file with your website address lets everybody you write to​ know about your site .​
This is​ an​ easy way to​ market your site and its products without incurring any extra cost.
Take time to​ come up with a​ good signature file if​ you are using it​ for advertising .​
Don't forget to​ put your website and contact information in​ your signature file .​
Add information that makes the person who receives the email care about your site or​ product .​
For example, if​ you are marketing a​ site that is​ designed to​ make money for others, add a​ line about the money they could be making now.
A signature file can also include a​ text picture .​
Pictures are generally useful for capturing the attention of​ the reader, but use caution so that the picture doesn't get in​ the way of​ the message.
Don't forget to​ place a​ direct link to​ the product you are promoting .​
This seems obvious, but often people make the mistake of​ providing a​ website address in​ their signature file without taking the time to​ link to​ a​ specific product.
Used wisely, signature files can be an​ effective way to​ gain business .​
They can be used with any email program .​
If you haven't set one up yet, what are you waiting for?

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