Sierra Leone Casinos

Sierra Leone Casinos

The situation with Sierra Leone's casinos is​ much as​ you would expect in​ a​ dirt poor,​ grossly unequal,​ country just recovering from a​ devastating civil war. it​ is​ not exactly the​ most welcoming of​ tourist destinations,​ but still a​ place with a​ casino,​ and as​ the​ end of​ the​ war has raised hopes of​ improving that tourist industry,​ more on​ the​ way.

The country was founded by the​ British (at least,​ the​ modern version of​ the​ country was) as​ a​ place to​ return those slaves who had fought for them in​ the​ American Revolution. This was driven by much the​ same impulse that led the​ Americans themselves to​ found the​ country next door,​ Liberia,​ fifty years later. it​ also led to​ exactly the​ same problems 150 years later,​ for the​ returning freed slaves set themselves up as​ the​ ruling class and essentially lorded it​ over the​ indigenous tribes. in​ both countries,​ this led to​ vicious (and interlinked) civil wars in​ the​ 1990's,​ which have only just been resolved. the​ countries are slowly returning to​ some form of​ normality.

Sierra Leone has had a​ further problem in​ that much of​ the​ wealth there was earned by the​ mining of​ gold and diamonds: this has led to​ the​ "resource curse,​" which means the​ rulers live high on​ the​ hog from the​ fees for those products,​ while leaving the​ rest of​ the​ country to​ founder in​ desperate poverty.

In these circumstances,​ and Sierra Leone's casinos are no different,​ you expect to​ see one or​ two flashy places in​ the​ capital,​ where that small elite can gamble and show off,​ while the​ rest of​ the​ population not only doesn't gamble,​ but they don't even have the​ cash money with which to​ do so.

List of​ Sierra Leone casinos.

Freetown: Bintumani Hotel & Casino

The Bintumani has blackjack and roulette tables.

There are also rumors that a​ second hotel is​ opening in​ Freetown with a​ casino: the​ Hotel Kimbima. Little is​ known about the​ games and tables they will be offering.

In common with many other African countries,​ there is​ a​ hope that expansion of​ the​ tourist trade will help the​ economy grow. Perhaps,​ those Europeans fleeing the​ gloom of​ a​ Northern Hemisphere winter can be seduced into spending time in​ the​ country,​ perhaps attracted by an​ expansion of​ Sierra Leone's casinos? the​ only problem with this plan is​ that if​ everyone follows it​ there might not be enough tourists to​ go around.

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