Sick Of Wasting Money On Insurance What Do You Really Need

Sick of​ Wasting Money on​ Insurance? What Do you​ Really Need?
Its a​ tough economy nowadays and​ you​ want to​ be careful not waste money on​ trivial costs...sometimes this includes health insurance .​

Here is​ what you​ really need health insurance for
1 .​

The Catastrophic Event
First and​ foremost,​ everyone absolutely needs to​ be covered for the​ big hit .​

With ever escalating costs associated with medical care,​ especially critical care,​ you​ would be negligent not to​ evaluate the​ following two criteria while assessing your personal needs
Policy Maximums
All true insurance plans have policy maximums .​

The plan maximum refers to​ the​ most an​ insurance plan will pay in​ total,​ no matter what the​ circumstances are .​

Some plans have individual lifetime maximums,​ some have family lifetime maximums and​ some have annual maximums for either the​ family or​ per individual.
In the​ present state of​ escalating health care costs,​ you​ should be looking for a​ plan that has the​ highest maximums that you​ can find .​

it​ is​ our strong recommendation that you​ cover your family with at​ ​ least $5,​000,​000 per person .​

Five million dollars per person is​ pretty much top of​ the​ line,​ and​ will go a​ long way towards ensuring that you​ and​ your family are protected now and​ for years to​ come .​

Maximum OutOfPocket/Stop Loss
The Max OutOfPocket refers to​ the​ most that you​ will pay in​ deductibles and​ coinsurance in​ any given year,​ no matter how large your medical bills are up to​ plan maximums,​ of​ course .​

Your plan should have the​ Max OutOfPocket and​ Coinsurance Stop Loss stated clearly and​ understandably in​ writing .​

With their Plan Design your Max OutOfPocket and​ Coinsurance Stop Loss will not only be clearly stated,​ you​ will have a​ say in​ what the​ amount of​ it​ is.
2 .​

WHAT POINT ARE you​ at​ ​ in​ YOUR LIFE?
Every individual and​ family has different needs .​

Some have a​ house full of​ children,​ others dont .​

Some people travel quite a​ bit,​ others stay close to​ home .​

There are an​ infinite number of​ situations and​ you​ need to​ evaluate yours if​ ​ you​ are to​ make a​ decision that is​ proper for you​ .​

You should also consider your lifestyle while shopping for health plans.
Please also consider your personal medical history as​ well as​ that of​ your family,​ including any hereditary issues .​

Please ask yourself the​ following questions
What am I​ ​ hoping to​ achieve with my health plan?
How do I​ ​ plan to​ use my coverage?
How long do I​ ​ need this plan?
How much of​ my medical expenses am I​ ​ willing to​ cover myself?
Are there conditions in​ my family history that I​ ​ NEED to​ be covered for?
These are but a​ few of​ the​ areas that will be discussed during your plan design.
3 .​

If you​ are like most of​ us the​ answer is​ at​ ​ work .​

We do design plans that cover you​ on​ the​ job .​

But the​ question goes deeper than that.
Do you​ travel?
Do you​ spend periods of​ the​ year is​ another part of​ the​ country?
Are you​ spending time in​ outdoor activities or​ sports?
Again,​ these are just some of​ the​ things that you​ should be considering and​ areas that will be discussed during your plan design.
4 .​

Well,​ this question had to​ be asked sometime! Designing a​ plan that you​ cant afford will not do anyone any good .​

On the​ other hand,​ hiding behind the​ fear of​ a​ large monthly payment is​ not the​ answer either.

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