Sic Bo Odds And Payouts And Strategies

Sic Bo Odds And Payouts And Strategies

Like roulette, it​ is​ impossible to​ create a​ strategy in​ Sic-Bo like in​ poker or​ blackjack. the​ only thing you can do is​ try to​ maximze your odds and​ try to​ create a​ money management system that includes specifying your money placement on bets.

To maximize your odds you have to​ choose the​ bets with the​ best winning possiblity. of​ course for​ the​ best winning odds youre choice will have to​ be the​ big and​ small bets. With this bet you have about a​ 50/50 chance of​ winning because you are predicting that the​ totals will be anything from 4-10 or​ 11-17. this bet is​ your best choice for​ actually winning money.

The next bet with the​ best chance of​ winning, with a​ house edge of​ only 9.72%, is​ the​ "total bet" in​ which the​ total of​ the​ 3 dice will be 7 or​ 14. I know what youre thinking; the​ single bet has a​ house edge of​ 7.9% but the​ payout is​ only 1:1 which is​ the​ same as​ the​ small and​ big bets so there really is​ not a​ reason to​ bet using the​ single bet. There is​ a​ chance that 2 of​ the​ 3 die will land on the​ same number, but the​ odds of​ that is​ more unlikely and​ you are better off betting on the​ pair and​ getting the​ payoff of​ 8:1. the​ total bet of​ 7 or​ 14 is​ the​ only other good bet; despite the​ fact that is​ is​ not easy to​ get, it​ does offer a​ very good payoff of​ 12:1.

There is​ no reason when betting on a​ total of​ the​ 3 die to​ every have to​ choose a​ total of​ 9 or​ 12 because the​ house edge is​ 18.9% and​ the​ payout is​ 6:1. if​ you bet on the​ total of​ the​ die being 10 or​ 11, the​ house edge is​ lower(12.5%) BUT the​ PAYOUT is​ the​ SAME. So unless you know that those dice will total 9 or​ 12 it​ is​ suggested to​ stay away from that bet. of​ course house edge really can't predict the​ outcome of​ games with house edge, it​ can give a​ minor prediction in​ a​ statistical form.

Any other bet in​ this game is​ a​ bet that has to​ be made only if​ you feel like rinking your money. Each other bet offers a​ higher payout for​ the​ higher risk. if​ you want to​ "win big" then you will want to​ bet on the​ bets with more risk. These are almost impossible to​ win and​ are not suggsted, especially if​ you want to​ win.

Now on to​ money management. This is​ the​ most important part of​ any gambling game. the​ management system recomended that you can use is​ very simple to​ understand. Basically you have to​ go in​ to​ the​ game with a​ certain amount of​ money and​ leave when its all gone. You also have to​ leave when you have won a​ certain amount. if​ you do manage win 50%-100% more money then you could play with the​ winnings. this way you will lose nothing but this could lead to​ losing all your winnings so it​ is​ recomended to​ play with half of​ your winnings. This way, not only do you keep your initial investment, you also keep some extra. in​ addition to​ knowing how much money you are spending, you must also know where your going to​ bet. it​ is​ important to​ be consistant with your bets. Many agree that being consistant in​ a​ game with no real playing strategy is​ very important. So when you go in​ know when you will play low-risk bets with little return and​ specify the​ point when you will place those high risk bets with the​ return that will hold you over for​ the​ net year.

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