Show Off That Awesome Plasma Tv With The Perfect Stand

Show Off That Awesome Plasma Tv With The Perfect Stand

Plasma TVs are one of​ the​ hottest electronic items being sold today. They are somewhat of​ a​ financial investment so whether you’re planning on creating an​ entire home theatre system for​ your family or​ just want a​ nice way to​ show off your new TV, a​ plasma TV stand is​ an​ excellent idea. Here’s a​ few different types of​ TV stands and​ cabinets to​ assist you with your decision making.

Metal Plasma TV Stands

Metal plasma TV stands are modern and​ stylish and​ come in​ different finishes like black or​ silver. a​ nice feature of​ these types of​ stands is​ that in​ some circumstances, the​ metal is​ even textured with a​ powder coat finish to​ hide fingerprints. They are also very sturdy and​ easy to​ assemble. Some manufacturers even give you of​ choice of​ features such as​ glass shelving and​ magnetized trims in​ different types of​ wood finishes.

Console Styles

Consider a​ console plasma TV stand in​ your choice of​ contemporary or​ elegant wood and​ metal finishes. Consoles are great because accessories like tapes and​ DVDs can be stored inside them, out of​ sight. They also help to​ ‘hide’ wires and​ components because the​ front is​ covered by the​ cabinet doors. These aren’t the​ bulky TV consoles from the​ ‘old days’ either. Their designs are streamlined and​ modern and​ in​ addition to​ their functionality, can add a​ really nice touch to​ your existing décor.

Designer Style

These types of​ plasma TV stands come in​ wide variety of​ styles and​ can really add an​ additional degree of​ drama to​ a​ room. Choose from wood or​ metal in​ different finishes and​ then mix it​ up with shelving choices in​ different materials than the​ base. an​ all glass stand is​ a​ great way to​ give the​ illusion of​ more space in​ smaller rooms and​ you can select from clear, frosted or​ beveled. These stands are also very sturdy and​ what’s nice about the​ open style of​ these types of​ TV stands is​ that all of​ your components are easily accessible. Many also include a​ swivel turntable so you can easily adjust your TV for​ different viewers around the​ room.

Stands with Motorized TV Lifts

Automatic TV lifts are built into the​ cabinet and​ designed to​ raise heavy plasma TVs. They use four rails to​ guide the​ unit as​ motor raises the​ lift quickly, quietly and​ safely. Some models will even stop automatically if​ something obstructs its path in​ the​ same way an​ automatic garage door mechanism works. These are pretty cool but are actually more of​ a​ furniture piece so you’ll need to​ make sure you have the​ space if​ this is​ your choice for​ a​ plasma TV stand.

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