Should You Use A Flash Introduction On Your Web Site

Should You Use A Flash Introduction On Your Web Site

A “Flash intro”, better known by its infamous “skip-intro” name, is​ a​ bad web design technique that should be banned like asbestos.

What is​ It?: an​ animation accompanied by music that is​ at​ least thirty seconds to​ two minutes long – and​ the​ first web page shown before “entering” a​ web site.

The only reason anyone ever uses a​ skip-intro page is​ because they think it’s “cool”. There is​ absolutely nothing good about skip-intro web pages.

Here’s how a​ skip-intro page usually happens:

A business owner (or even a​ large-scale company) wants a​ web site. So they hire a​ web designer or​ a​ web design team. the​ owner knows absolutely nothing about web design or​ usability (more on that in​ a​ moment). So the​ design people put together a​ site and​ then show the​ owner what they’ve made. He looks it​ over, and​ then decides it​ “lacks oomph”. the​ site could be perfect in​ every way. it​ could be easy to​ use and​ a​ selling machine, but the​ owner is​ convinced that in​ order to​ sell his products, he must “excite” his audience.

The all-too-familiar skip-intro then rears its ugly head. Out of​ desperation, the​ designers will make one. the​ owner loves it​ and​ immediately gives the​ green light.

For small business owners, the​ same situation occurs. They feel (or have been fooled into believing) that a​ skip-intro page is​ “cool”, when in​ fact they’re not thinking about the​ customer at​ all.

The key thing to​ remember is​ this: if​ your intent is​ to​ run a​ business from a​ web site, don’t think about yourself. Think about the​ customer. You want to​ make it​ as​ easy as​ possible for​ them to​ visit, browse and​ most importantly BUY whatever it​ is​ you’re selling.

Major flaws with skip-intros

Sure, the​ skip-intro looks “cool”, but only once. Every time after that it’s an​ annoyance – and​ not just for​ you, but for​ every single customer and​ potential customer that visits your web site. Think of​ it​ this way: if​ you had a​ catalog that forced you to​ wait two minutes before opening it​ every time you wanted to, would you even bother? of​ course you wouldn’t. You’d go get a​ normal catalog from someone else!

100% flash-based intros severely decrease the​ search engine friendliness of​ your web site. if​ your opening web page has absolutely no text to​ enter the​ site with, the​ search engines will never “crawl” your site. Any hopes you ever had of​ getting a​ good “rank” are gone. Search engines read text, not Flash.

The answer is​ “no”.

The answer to​ the​ question of​ whether you should use a​ skip-intro Flash page or​ not is​ no. if​ you intend to​ sell things, that skip-into page will do nothing but work against you.

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