Should I Resell Web Hosting

Should I Resell Web Hosting

As nearly every web host provides the​ option to​ purchase reseller accounts, the​ Internet has seen a​ significant increase in​ 3rd party hosting companies looking to​ develop a​ stable recurring income. With a​ market filled with competition you have probably asked yourself, "Should I become a​ reseller?"

Points to​ think about before deciding

Before taking the​ plunge and​ signing up for​ a​ reseller account maybe you should ponder these points:

Do I have the​ time to​ market my services? - to​ stand out among the​ many webhosts you will be required to​ market your services. Be prepared to​ spend time every day marketing your new hosting company or​ learning of​ various techniques to​ market your services.

Am I prepared to​ offer support to​ my clients? - to​ effectively support your clients when they have a​ question about web hosting or​ if​ something is​ not working you should either have experience with web hosting or​ the​ company that is​ providing reseller services should provide this support. for​ instance 561Hosting provides free support to​ resellers thus eliminating the​ need to​ be an​ expert to​ provide services to​ your customers.

Am I in​ this for​ the​ long haul? - as​ you advertise your services and​ become more visible to​ the​ Internet community you will no doubt start to​ land customers. Be sure that you are committed to​ providing these services indefinitely because your customers have put their trust in​ you and​ are counting on you to​ be around.

Is it​ worth it?

Selling hosting services can be a​ very rewarding business that you can run from the​ comfort of​ your home. Please be patient and​ market your services everyday and​ before long you will have several clients and​ may consider upgrading to​ a​ dedicated server account. But that's another article...

Should I Resell Web Hosting

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