Should I Buy A Second Hand Car At Auction

Should I Buy A Second Hand Car At Auction

While it​ is​ possible to​ get a​ great deal and​ a​ bargain car at​ an​ auction, buying a​ used car this way isn’t always the​ ideal way to​ buy a​ car, there are better ways.

If it​ is​ your first time of​ buying a​ used car or​ you know very little about cars, then buying from an​ auction isn’t advisable. Perhaps the​ biggest problem with purchasing a​ car from an​ auction is​ the​ fact that that you have very little cover to​ fall back on if​ there should be any problem with the​ car. This is​ usually due to​ the​ auction house issuing a​ disclaimer, which many do, which states something such as​ “sold as​ seen”.

While many goods are covered by the​ Sale of​ Goods Act, some of​ the​ cleverer auction houses can get around this by altering the​ conditions of​ the​ sale by taking away the​ buyers rights under the​ Act.

If you do wish to​ purchase a​ car from an​ auction then it​ is​ advisable to​ visit an​ auction house several times before actually deciding to​ bid on a​ car. This way you can get used to​ the​ terminology used and​ the​ way auction houses work. it​ is​ also advisable to​ take someone with you who knows something about cars when you do decide to​ buy.

Most auction houses will hold preview days where you look at​ the​ car up for​ auction prior to​ bidding. This will give you a​ good chance to​ have a​ look at​ the​ vehicle.

You would be wise to​ consider having a​ vehicle data check done, which is​ a​ service that checks a​ vehicle’s history. it​ will show up really valuable things such as​ whether the​ car has been stolen, or​ the​ mileage tampered with etc.

Finally, it​ is​ essential that you know your spending limit. Don’t ever be tempted to​ go over that limit no matter how good a​ deal something may seem.

Should I Buy A Second Hand Car At Auction

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