Shopping With Coupons Cash In And Save

Shopping With Coupons Cash In And Save

Many people are able to​ save 50% or​ more off their grocery bills by shopping with coupons. But it​ takes more than just cutting the​ coupons out of​ the​ newspaper or​ stashing them in​ a​ file box when they come in​ the​ mail. in​ order to​ get maximum savings from your coupons, you have to​ be organized, and​ you have to​ know what you need and​ what you will use.

First, get organized. Remove circulars from the​ newspapers and​ put them in​ a​ separate place. Same thing with coupons that come in​ the​ mail or​ that you have printed out from online. Designate a​ specific time once or​ twice a​ week to​ do your coupons. When that time comes, they’ll all be in​ the​ same place. Clip the​ ones you need and​ will use, toss the​ ones you won’t, like pet food if​ you don’t have pets, or​ brands that your family doesn’t like. Saving money on something is​ useless if​ your family won’t eat it​ and​ it​ will end up in​ the​ trash anyway. Then sort them by category. it​ is​ best to​ do this in​ order of​ the​ way things appear in​ the​ store you go to​ for​ the​ bulk of​ your shopping. There are a​ million and​ one coupon organizers and​ file caddies out there. it​ doesn’t have to​ be fancy or​ expensive, just find one that works for​ you.

Most people will plan their shopping in​ this order. First they plan their meals, then they look through the​ circulars for​ items on sale, then they pull their coupons. if​ you want to​ use coupons more efficiently, go backwards. if​ chicken breasts and​ stuffing are on sale and​ you have a​ coupon for​ stuffing, chicken breasts and​ stuffing should be one of​ your meals that week. Plan your meals according to​ the​ savings available. of​ course, for​ things that are nonperishable or​ can be frozen and​ you have the​ space for​ them, you can stock up on extras anytime. for​ these items, buy when they are on sale and​ you have a​ coupon for​ double savings.

Start a​ price book comparing the​ regular per unit price at​ different stores of​ items that you buy on a​ regular basis so you can be sure you are getting the​ best deal. This may take some time, but will save you big bucks in​ the​ long run. One misconception that many people have is​ that buying in​ bulk is​ cheaper. When bulk items and​ warehouse stores first started, this was often true. Manufacturers and​ retailers have realized that most people have this mindset and​ now price smaller size items for​ less per unit, making a​ larger profit of​ people blindly buying the​ bulk size. Using coupons for​ these smaller sizes can end up saving you more per unit.

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