Shopping Spree Slot Machine

Shopping Spree Slot Machine

The time has arrived to​ relax, to​ have fun and​ to​ aim for​ a​ shopping spree. if​ you love shopping, gather your purse and​ get ready to​ play.

Time for​ a​ Shopping Spree

At this fun slot game, you can enjoy shopping with a​ difference. Shopping Spree is​ a​ 5 reel, 9 payline slot game, powered by Real Time Gaming software. This exciting pursuit also features a​ progressive jackpot prize.

There are so many different slot games out there that the​ attraction is​ to​ find a​ theme that suits you. OK, girls, ready to​ shop until you drop? Perhaps you have been dreaming of​ a​ fancy shopping spree in​ New York? Well, this could be your big chance.

At the​ Shopping Spree game, if​ you manage to​ line up five diamond ring symbols on the​ same line, you may then choose between the​ jackpot prize and​ a​ $100,000 spending spree in​ New York. Sounds attractive? Well, prepare yourself for​ action and​ get ready to​ go shopping with this exciting slot game.

What you need to​ do at​ this game is​ to​ match up various shopping items on the​ same line. the​ symbols at​ Shopping Spree include make-up, perfume, classy shoes and​ dollar signs, to​ get you into the​ buying mood.

The Shopping Spree game features two possible bonus features. Obtaining three dollar sign symbols in​ any position will obtain you a​ scatter bonus. in​ this event, you may receive a​ shopping bonus of​ up to​ the​ amount of​ 350 credits.

Shopping Spree Bonus Game

Don't you just love bonuses? Shopping Spree also hosts a​ special bonus game. While you are shopping around, if​ you manage to​ spin three mystery grab bags, this triggers the​ Mystery Grab Bag bonus game. the​ bonus game reveals a​ separate screen in​ which you need to​ search behind the​ question marks to​ expose amounts of​ credits. These bonus credits are added to​ your credit amount until you uncover the​ X. This special bonus attraction presents you with the​ opportunity of​ winning up to​ 4,000 credits.

The current value of​ the​ progressive jackpot is​ shown constantly during the​ game in​ the​ center of​ the​ screen. Once the​ progressive jackpot has been won, the​ amount returns to​ $25,000 and​ then starts to​ increase again. Let's face it, even winning this beginning amount would enable rather an​ impressive shopping spree!

One thing I must tell you is​ that it​ is​ important to​ remember that you need to​ 'bet max' in​ order to​ be eligible to​ play for​ the​ progressive jackpot.

Remember shopping can be fun, especially when you have the​ opportunity to​ win your very own shopping spree!

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