Shopping Spots And How To Get The Benefits Of Them

Shopping Spots And How To Get The Benefits Of Them

The more retailers have to​ compete for​ your business, the​ better deals you will be able to​ get. if​ you have ever taken an​ Economics course, you know about the​ law of​ supply and​ demand. as​ more and​ more businesses open up, yet the​ number of​ potential customers stays the​ same, those businesses that want to​ be successful realize that they have to​ compete to​ win business.

Smart retailers will do whatever it​ takes not only to​ get your business, but also to​ keep it. That is​ why customer loyalty programs are so popular with businesses and​ retailers alike. Businesses implement loyalty programs so that they are able to​ encourage repeat business by offering special discounts and​ rewards to​ people who do business with them frequently. Customers love customer loyalty programs because they are able to​ save money on products and​ be rewarded for​ their continuing patronage. Customer loyalty programs are a​ win-win situation for​ all parties involved.

Department Stores

Many department stores offer their own private credit cards. Departments stores often offer special sale prices that are only good when the​ merchandise is​ charged to​ the​ store credit account. Not only are the​ store cards themselves profitable for​ the​ retailer, they also go a​ long way toward encouraging repeat customers.

Customers often choose to​ shop at​ a​ particular department store specifically because they have a​ credit account with that store. Additionally, department stores frequently include special percent off discount coupons in​ monthly credit account statements. Huge retailers Sears sometimes offers an​ extra 10% off everything in​ the​ store just for​ Sears card holders.

Specialty Retailers

Many specialty retailers realize that the​ way to​ build a​ long term successful business is​ to​ cultivate a​ brand-loyal customer base. With this knowledge, many specialty retailers are implementing programs designed to​ encourage repeat business from customers.

For example, the​ Jockey factory outlet stores located in​ manufacturer’s outlet malls throughout the​ United States offer an​ excellent customer reward program. the​ program is​ called the​ Jockey Club. Customers receive a​ membership card. Each time they make a​ purchase from a​ Jockey store, the​ card is​ swiped, and​ the​ customer earns a​ 10% of​ the​ current purchase toward a​ gift certificate that can be redeemed on Jockey’s website or​ in​ any Jockey outlet.

Drug Stores

The drug store industry is​ probably the​ single most competitive retail industry in​ the​ United States. Every week it​ seems like a​ new drug store is​ opening, and​ as​ soon as​ one opens construction starts on another. in​ most American cities, it​ is​ difficult to​ drive more than a​ few blocks without passing a​ drug store.

Because the​ drug store business is​ so very competitive, drug store retailers often go the​ extra mile when it​ comes to​ implementing programs designed to​ cultivate customer loyalty.

Drug store giant CVS offers a​ customer rewards program. Customers receive a​ swipe card, and​ are eligible for​ special sale pricing on many items. Another drug store giant, Walgreens, utilizes a​ periodic rebate and​ coupon program. Customers receive in-store coupon books that contain coupons for​ immediate savings and​ a​ rebate certificate that can be sent in​ one time each promotional period to​ earn cash back on items purchased.

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