Shopping Online For The Holidays Dont Get Ripped Off

Shopping Online For The Holidays Dont Get Ripped Off

We are quickly approaching that time of​ the​ year where the​ Internet pays off in​ spades – the​ holidays. Here’s a​ primer on protecting yourself while buying online.

Avoiding the​ Malls

I hate going to​ the​ malls during the​ holidays. They are packed with people, elbows are flying and​ I inevitably get in​ line behind the​ person who needs a​ price check or​ lost their checkbook. Thankfully, the​ Internet has largely solved this problem.

Millions of​ people now do most or​ all of​ their holiday shopping online. Frankly, it​ is​ hard to​ imagine how many brick and​ mortar stores stay in​ business. While shopping from your desk is​ great, you need to​ keep in​ mind the​ following legal cautions.

Don’t Buy Off an​ Email

In a​ few weeks, you are going to​ get bombarded by emails from businesses. Unfortunately, there is​ no way to​ be sure the​ email messages are actually from the​ business in​ question. Phishing scam artists have become masters at​ kicking out email messages that look extremely authentic. if​ you get an​ email message and​ want to​ visit a​ site, do not click the​ link in​ the​ email message. Instead, type the​ site domain name directly into a​ browser or​ find it​ through a​ search engine. Doing so will get you to​ the​ real site, not a​ fake.

Credit Cards

Most people have multiple credit cards and​ use them willy nilly. When shopping online, try to​ limit all of​ your charges to​ one credit card that doesn’t have a​ massive credit line on it. Also, print out all receipts. if​ a​ scam artist gets a​ hold of​ your credit card information, this should limit the​ damage. When you receive the​ credit card statement, make sure to​ check the​ charges against your receipts. if​ you find unauthorized charges, report them immediately.

Delivery Times

Sites selling products online have to​ comply with “prompt delivery” rules. to​ this end, sites are encouraged, but not required to​ tell you how long it​ will take to​ deliver products. in​ addition, they absolutely must deliver within 30 days unless stated otherwise on the​ site. When ordering gifts, make sure you note how long it​ is​ going to​ take to​ receive the​ item. if​ you are going out of​ town, make sure you keep the​ departure date in​ mind before you leave.

The Internet is​ a​ godsend when it​ comes to​ avoiding the​ stress of​ holiday shopping. Just keep an​ eye on those credit card statements!

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