Shopping On The Net Or In The Mall

Shopping On The Net Or In The Mall

More and​ more people are purchasing products and​ services on the​ net. You hear retailers complaining about disappointing sales every Christmas. You also hear statistics on how much business on the​ net is​ growing every year.

There are distinct advantages in​ purchasing on the​ net. You can compare prices from a​ hundred vendors, with out stepping out of​ your home, and​ purchase at​ the​ best price. You do not have to​ get in​ to​ your car on a​ rainy day or​ clear the​ snow from your driveway to​ go down to​ the​ mall to​ buy your product. Instead it​ is​ delivered to​ your cozy home by the​ postman or​ a​ courier. You can buy from all over the​ world and​ things not available in​ your neighbourhood store. You can browse unlimited varieties of​ merchandise and​ be made aware of​ products you never thought existed. You can book your holiday without the​ hindrance of​ a​ pushy salesman whose sole purpose is​ to​ get you to​ sign on the​ dotted line and​ bank his commission.

However, this article would not be unbiased if​ I did not mention the​ disadvantages of​ buying on the​ net as​ well. for​ starters, buying on the​ net isn't for​ people who want to​ feel or​ try the​ physical product before purchasing, for​ example a​ dress or​ a​ pair of​ pants. it​ is​ also not for​ those who want instant gratification - people who cannot wait for​ what they want to​ buy. if​ you are someone who cannot sit down until you have the​ product in​ your hands at​ the​ moment that you want it, then rush down to​ the​ mall and​ by all means revel in​ your purchase. Returning something you do not like is​ also much easier when you buy from a​ store. Think also of​ how much fun it​ would be for​ a​ book lover to​ browse around in​ a​ bookshop for​ a​ few hours, hours that she wants to​ kill, and​ then leaving without buying anything. You can, of​ course, surf the​ Internet but that is​ not the​ same thing.

The seller has also some distinct advantages - she can sell out of​ her garage and​ nobody will be the​ wiser as​ long as​ the​ web site looks professional. She can cut down on costs as​ no retail space has to​ be rented or​ staff required. the​ seller does not have to​ carry any inventory as​ the​ merchandise can be ordered after the​ sale has been completed. Even customer service can be outsourced. the​ net is​ especially suited to​ the​ information sellers. Today you can publish your own Ebook and​ sell hundreds of​ thousands of​ copies. No printing, no :shipping, no hassle.

Thousands of​ businesses have sprung up on EBay and​ millions of​ web sites sell billions of​ dollars of​ merchandise and​ services round the​ clock. the​ Internet has truly liberated business and​ created income opportunities for​ millions of​ people around the​ world. and​ this is​ just the​ beginning. Where will the​ net take us in​ the​ next 10 years? - I have no idea just as​ I had no idea back in​ 1995, when the​ pioneers of​ the​ web first started doing business. But wherever we do end up, I can assure you that it​ will be fascinating and​ umpteen times bigger.

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