Shopping On Line Safely

Shopping On Line Safely

There are thousands of​ online stores selling everything, and​ giving you access to​ a​ wider range of​ goods and​ services than ever before at​ your finger tips - and​ at​ way lower prices than your corner store. But as​ the​ number of​ on-line shops grow - so does the​ number of​ people trying to​ make the​ “fast buck“.

While the​ majority of​ stores offer a​ great service, consumers should exercise care when shopping on-line with a​ new site for​ the​ first time. There are a​ few simple guidelines to​ follow which should make your shopping experience rewarding and​ profitable.

If you are dealing with a​ company for​ the​ first time make sure you read the​ terms and​ conditions of​ the​ on-line store.

Also check their web site for​ a​ postal address and​ a​ telephone number - most genuine companies have no problem publishing their postal address on their website and​ should have a​ contact page with their address and​ company details on it.

Also read their privacy policy carefully.

Within the​ European Union, customers are entitled to​ a​ full refund when shopping on-line, if​ the​ goods are returned within seven days of​ purchase and​ the​ seller must state this on their on-line store. if​ a​ company does not state this, a​ customer is​ entitled to​ a​ full refund if​ they return the​ goods within thirty days.

The safest way to​ buy on-line is​ by using your credit card or​ paying by cheque. Cheques must to​ be lodged into a​ bank account to​ clear, and​ credit card payments can only be made into a​ company’s bank account. if​ a​ company seeks payment by any other means, be wary - when you buy on-line you want your payment to​ be traceable.

Most reliable retail sites offer a​ ten to​ thirty day, full refund, but postal charges are normally not included in​ this. Standard practice is​ that the​ customer pays for​ the​ postal charges if​ they are returning an​ item.

When you do shop on-line, check your credit card statement. if​ you do notice unauthorised transactions, notify your credit card company. Credit card companies will follow-up your complaint and​ refund your card.

Every day there seems to​ be new reports of​ shoppers getting ripped-off when shopping on-line. a​ common way is​ where someone transfers money through a​ cash transfer company to​ pay for​ an​ object; the​ seller receives the​ money but fails to​ send the​ buyer the​ item.

Be very wary of​ these rogue scams. a​ reliable shopping site will have a​ credit card billing system, such as​ Paypal built into their website.

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