Shopping In The Uk

Shopping In The Uk

London is​ the​ shopping capital of​ the​ U.K., you have Harrods, Regent Street, Saville Row for​ men's tailor made suits and​ Mayfair.

Markets are a​ cheap way of​ shopping, lots of​ towns have them two or​ three times a​ week, you can buy all sorts at​ a​ market, from fruit and​ veg, to​ plants, bedding, towels, rugs, sweets, even batteries, tools and​ toys. Nottingham has a​ lace market, where you can buy lots of​ hand made fancy lace items. There are also farmers markets, where you can buy fresh produce and​ meat; these are mainly run as​ an​ auction. a​ lot of​ markets have good quality merchandise and​ are often cheaper than shops and​ can last a​ long time.

A lot of​ department stores are putting a​ few High Streets out of​ business, as​ they have all the​ shops you need under one roof, and​ with ample free parking, one example is​ the​ Metro Centre in​ Newcastle.

The town I live in​ is​ very oldie worldly, we have still got an​ old fashioned sweet shop, a​ butcher's that dates back to​ 1805, we only have two supermarkets one in​ town and​ one on the​ outskirts. it​ relies on the​ tourist trade in​ the​ summer months. We have a​ fishmonger that's only open in​ the​ summer; in​ the​ winter months it's a​ fruit and​ veg shop. We have to​ go out of​ town if​ we want D.I.Y. supplies, but other than that we have nearly everything we need. It's still a​ very traditional old town centre with cobblestones and​ narrow roads.

High street shopping is​ definitely being taken over by the​ Internet and​ mail order, as​ you can sit in​ the​ comfort of​ your own home, and​ browse at​ your leisure. it​ seems to​ be the​ little outlets that are suffering rather than the​ better-known stores. a​ lot of​ the​ better-known stores have Internet shopping and​ mail order catalogues, so they are pretty well covered.

You can even buy your groceries online as​ well and​ get them delivered to​ your door, which saves the​ hassle of​ queuing, there is​ a​ delivery charge for​ this.

Whichever way you look at​ it​ shopping is​ a​ necessity and​ the​ longer we can keep the​ High Streets going by supporting the​ smaller shops, the​ better it​ will be, not only for​ the​ shops themselves, but also for​ the​ community, as​ there will still be employment.

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