Shopping In Spain Is An Adventure

Shopping In Spain Is An Adventure

Shopping in​ Spain

Spain offers all the​ international brand names you could ever need. But why buy imported goods when Spain has its own specialties? Here are some examples. Spain is​ a​ great place to​ buy leather items, especially shoes. Crafts are famous too. These include ceramic items such as​ tiles and​ vases with beautiful designs, often Moorish in​ origin. Another local craft that's thriving again is​ lace making.

If you're short on time and​ want to​ do all your shopping in​ one place, you'll find a​ branch of​ the​ El Corte Ingles department store in​ nearly every town. They sell everything from jewellery to​ designer clothes, food to​ to furniture, and​ so on.

Shopping in​ Barcelona

Barcelona has undergone sweeping changes in​ recent years and​ the​ shopping scene has been transformed in​ the​ process. All the​ big names are here along with a​ range of​ local boutiques, antique shops, art galleries, and​ futuristic shopping centers.

Maremagnum is​ one of​ the​ new shopping and​ leisure complexes that's proved very popular. Other than its comprehensive shopping mall, it​ also offers find a​ dozen cinemas and​ many restaurants, pubs and​ discos.

The new boutiques and​ stores are great places to​ shop. But to​ savour the​ authentic shopping experience, be sure to​ get away from the​ haunts of​ the​ glitterati and​ visit the​ old city. Here you can take a​ look in​ Barcelona's oldest shop, Cereria Subira, which first opened its doors in​ 1761. if​ candles are on your shopping list, you're in​ luck, for​ Cereria Subira is​ a​ candle shop. Even if​ you're not buying, the​ vast range of​ candles of​ all sizes and​ colours is​ well worth seeing. Then plunge into the​ streets around the​ Barri Gòtic. Here you can browse shops selling everything from fish and​ herbs to​ bullfighter's capes.

Shops in​ Barcelona open around 8 am and​ they generally close a​ few hours after sunset.

Shopping in​ Madrid

As the​ nation's capital, Madrid not surprisingly offers the​ best range of​ up-market shopping outlets in​ Spain. But these make up just a​ small proportion of​ the​ city's shopping charms. Madrid's 50000 stores also sell everything from paintings and​ ceramics to​ guitars and​ bullfighters' costumes.

If it's designer labels you're after head for​ the​ eastern district of​ Salamanca. Here you'll find the​ logos of​ Prada, Armani, and​ Louis Vuitton, and​ all the​ others. More interesting are the​ boutiques of​ trendy Spanish designers like Sybilla, Amaya Arzuaga, and​ Victorio & Lucchino.

When you tire of​ the​ brand name stores, the​ area around the​ Street Fuencarral is​ a​ pleasant one to​ visit. It's home to​ a​ bunch of​ trendy boutiques selling both men´s and​ women´s clothes. There's also an​ indoor market hawking clothing, bags and​ jewellery. for​ shoes, head to​ the​ Street Augusto Figueroa. It's lined with mostrarios selling designer's shoe samples at​ half price or​ less.

Shopping in​ Spain would be incomplete without visiting one of​ the​ street markets. Sunday morning is​ the​ time for​ the​ El Rastro street market on the​ Calle de Ribera de Curtidores which is​ closed to​ traffic. You can buy everything from squawking chickens to​ pirated DVDs to​ antiques and​ smutty post cards. But be careful, pickpockets abound.

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