Shopping In Pattaya

Shopping In Pattaya

Normally, I hate shopping. I don’t even like to​ shop for​ a​ loaf of​ bread. But, in​ Pattaya, I find myself shopping almost every day.

When I first arrive in​ Pattaya, I go shopping to​ fill up my refrigerator. Even though it​ is​ fully stocked, I like to​ stock it​ with cheaper items from the​ local 7-11. I have the​ hotel remove everything except the​ two free bottles of​ water and​ pick up some beer, Pepsi, red bull, and​ a​ couple of​ extra bottles of​ water I also get some snacks.

Since I travel light, I usually go out the​ first or​ second day and​ pick up some shorts and​ T-shirts. I will also get a​ few DVD movies to​ watch back in​ the​ hotel room. I have some preferred local toiletries and​ pick these up too. Lux is​ really great shower soap. I usually pick up these few items at​ Mike's Shopping Mall or​ over at​ the​ Royal Garden Shopping Plaza. Never accept the​ first price. Always bargain and​ don’t be afraid to​ walk away if​ they don’t meet your price. Walking away may drop the​ price drastically. if​ not, walk 10 feet and​ you will see the​ same items.

I make it​ a​ point to​ go to​ the​ Big C Shopping Mall and​ to​ Tuk Com (Com City) to​ check out the​ latest in​ electronics. I may or​ may not pick up an​ unlocked, tri-band cell phone that I can use in​ Thailand and​ also back in​ America. I will also take a​ look at​ the​ latest in​ pirated software and​ Thai movies. I enjoy Thai music so I will buy some CD's, MP3's and​ videos.

My favorite place to​ shop is​ at​ the​ flea market. in​ Thai, this is​ called talat naht. it​ is​ open on Tuesday, Friday and​ Sunday. Located on Soi Buakhao and​ South Road, it​ is​ open at​ about eight in​ the​ morning and​ I try to​ get there by nine. if​ I am early, I will just grab a​ bite to​ eat at​ one of​ the​ many street vendors.

You want to​ arrive early and​ complete your shopping by about eleven o'clock. Otherwise it​ will be way too hot. Shopping under all those canvas tarps in​ close quarters can be extremely hot. Make sure you bring a​ bottle of​ water or​ buy when at​ the​ market.

Most of​ the​ items are 99 or​ 199 Baht. This works out to​ about three US dollars or​ six US dollars. This is​ the​ place I buy most of​ the​ clothes I want for​ me and​ for​ my family and​ friends. You can also find clothes for​ less than that. I have gotten many outfits for​ my 1-year old granddaughter for​ about $1.25 per set.

I also pick up some additional Thai music and​ videos. the​ vendors will have stereos and​ TV's set up so that you can hear and​ see what they are selling. You can also the​ items to​ make sure they work. Prices for​ videos and​ music are about 3 dollars per CD.

It seems like you are always buying something just walking around Pattaya. I can be out going to​ dinner or​ to​ a​ bar, and​ I will see something that catches my eye and​ I buy it. Vendors also sell their wares while you are eating or​ drinking. They can be pests but every once in​ a​ while I will see something that I want to​ buy.

Pattaya seems like it​ is​ one giant flea market. Shops are everywhere, vendors are located every 10 feet, and​ malls are popping up all over the​ city. Large outlets are also available in​ Pattaya, but I prefer the​ smaller places where I can still use my bargaining skills.

So, even if​ you are like me and​ absolutely hate shopping, you will find that you will be shopping daily in​ Pattaya and​ actually enjoying yourself. Maybe it​ is​ because of​ how cheap all the​ goodies are.

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