Shopping In Las Vegas

Shopping In Las Vegas

Vegas is​ naturally associated with gambling. Then came the​ inexpensive food, in​ order to​ get people to​ stay near the​ casinos to... gamble. Later came shows to​ attract people to​ the​ casinos to, well, gamble. But Vegas has evolved. Fine restaurants, shows solely for​ the​ sake of​ entertainment and​ - finally - great shopping has arrived. Today, the​ Las Vegas visitor will find more choices than any amount of​ plastic could cover. the​ shops offer everything from run-of-the-mill clothing to​ fine chocolate to​ exotic cars, all done Vegas-style, of​ course.

Several of​ the​ hotel/casinos have become shopping meccas as​ well. One of​ the​ largest is​ the​ 175,000 square foot, tri-level complex at​ Caesars. the​ Forum Shops at​ Caesars Palace are located at​ 3500 S. Las Vegas Blvd ('The Strip') and​ provide over 100 shops to​ choose from. Versace, the​ famed clothing designer, sells clothing but has added a​ Home Collection shop full of​ rugs, dishware and​ other items for​ your own royal abode. the​ equally famed jewelry design company, Harry Winston, has a​ shop at​ the​ Forums. Between the​ pair, your plastic is​ sure to​ get dented, but save some for​ the​ Cheesecake Factory. After all that shopping you deserve dessert. the​ 100,000 square foot shopping area at​ Mandalay Place may not be the​ town's largest, but it​ is​ second to​ none. There are over 40 shops that offer everything from golf accessories to​ doggie spa products.

The latter, Lush Puppy, is​ a​ dog's best friend. Stuffed full of​ beds, sweaters and​ dog toys, your best friend can even get a​ fortune cookie made just for​ him or​ her. After you've eased your conscience by spoiling Rex, spoil yourself at​ 55 Degrees Wine & Design. an​ array of​ tablet PCs allow even the​ most technophobic to​ easily select from a​ huge selection of​ fine vintages. Sally up to​ the​ wine bar and​ try out a​ few. Improve your knowledge of​ wine, or​ any number of​ subjects, by visiting the​ Reading Room. This bookstore has a​ selection of​ books not generally found in​ any other retail store. You can pick up a​ tome on Ancient Greek oenology or​ brush up on the​ latest information available on glass-blowing techniques in​ British Columbia. Located at​ Mandalay Bay, 3950 S. Las Vegas Blvd, be sure to​ stop into the​ Chocolate Swan and​ indulge. Then slip over to​ Giorgio Caffé & Ristorante. Life is​ uncertain, eat dessert first.

The Grand Canal Shoppes at​ the​ Venetian is​ another themed shopping area with a​ wide variety of​ choices. Movado watch company offers fine timepieces not far from the​ elegant clothing at​ Ann Taylor's. as​ the​ street performers entertain you, walk along the​ canal and​ listen the​ gentle sloshing of​ the​ gondolas transporting visitors along a​ half-mile journey. Take a​ ride yourself, then step off and​ do some window shopping. Enjoy the​ simulated St. Mark's Square while you peruse the​ Venetian glass figurines, such as​ the​ exquisite hand-blown dolphins from Ripa de Monti. Go next door to​ Il Prato and​ pick out a​ delightful costume mask for​ the​ next royal ball. Select some fine stationary to​ make out invitations and​ get a​ personalized wax seal so the​ guests will know immediately from whom it​ came. Speaking of​ wax, be sure to​ check out the​ Madame Tussaud's while you're there.

For sheer size and​ number of​ stores, try the​ Desert Passage complex at​ the​ Aladdin. With 475,000 square feet of​ retail space, and​ over 130 stores, you're bound to​ find something to​ please. While you're there, check out the​ full-sized freighter anchored next to​ a​ North African dock. Casablanca never looked so intriguing. Stick around for​ dinner and​ go to​ the​ excellent New Orleans restaurant, Commander's Palace. Crawfish to​ crawl for. Las Vegas has a​ dozen other shopping centers and​ hundreds of​ independent shops scattered over Fremont Street, the​ Strip and​ elsewhere. You'll have to​ come several times just to​ pick your favorites. Take that afternoon plane and​ zoom in​ for​ a​ fun weekend where the​ shopping is​ no gamble.

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