Shopping In Italy

Shopping In Italy

Italy is​ the​ peak experience for​ shoppers. Here you'll find creations in​ fashion, jewelry, furniture, glass or​ leather crafted by the​ most prestigious designers and​ manufacturers in​ the​ world.

The quality is​ high and​ so are the​ prices. This is​ especially so when considering all the​ taxes and​ add-ons that so inflate the​ cost of​ goods bought in​ Italy.

Shopping in​ Rome

Rome is​ a​ true shopper's paradise. Some people say the​ shopping outlets outshine the​ monuments. Fashion items are most alluring but other than clothing, you'll find tempting jewellery, antiques, books and​ home wares. But rents in​ Rome are very high and​ so are prices. You'll need inside info to​ get the​ best bargains.

If money is​ not a​ concern, head for​ the​ famous Spanish Steps and​ the​ Via dei Condotti. This is​ Rome's best shopping street but prices are astronomical. Here's you find all the​ classic outlets with their baroque or​ neoclassical facades - Armani, Prada, Versace, Dolce and​ Gabbana, Gucci and​ the​ other grand names of​ shopping lore.

For more exotic and​ less pricey gifts, head for​ Via Francesco Crispi. You can get there by following Via Sistina 1 long block from the​ top of​ the​ Spanish Steps.

And don't forget the​ Roman markets, though many are not for​ the​ faint of​ heart. an​ example is​ the​ Sunday morning flea market at​ Porta Portese. This overcrowded event offers almost everything for​ sale.

Shopping in​ Venice

With a​ population of​ less than 70000 in​ the​ historic centre, Venice lacks shopping streets to​ compare with those of​ Milan, Florence or​ Rome. Venice's busiest shopping thoroughfare is​ the​ Merceri which runs from the​ Piazza to​ the​ Rialto Bridge. Most of​ the​ famous Italian labels have outlets here.

However, it​ would be a​ shame to​ spend your time in​ Venice buying things that could be found in​ other places. Far better to​ look for​ something uniquely Venetian. and​ what could be more uniquely Venetian than a​ Carnival mask? Carnival is​ held in​ February but the​ masks are produced year-round in​ Venice's many small workshops.

Another uniquely Venetian product is​ the​ fabulous glassware from the​ isle of​ Murano. Other local specialties include marbled paper which is​ available at​ various small outlets such as​ the​ renowned Legatoria Piazzes, lace and​ silk.

Then there are delightful low cost souvenirs such as​ rings made from glass and​ inexpensive ornaments such as​ silver earrings in​ the​ shape of​ carnival masks.

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