Shopping In Italy Is A Wonderful Adventure

Shopping In Italy Is A Wonderful Adventure

Shopping in​ Italy

Italy's hottest shopping draw is​ of​ course fashion. Milan is​ home of​ the​ country's fashion industry, but Rome is​ the​ main Italian bazaar where the​ threads are put on the​ market. Here you can find the​ ultra chic garments of​ celebrated designers numbering in​ the​ hundreds. Quality is​ very high and​ the​ range of​ materials includes leather, cotton, silk and​ wool.

Other than garments, Italy is​ pre-eminent in​ the​ production of​ quality glassware, furniture, jewellery and​ porcelain goods.

Shopping in​ Rome

While Rome is​ overrun with international fashion boutiques, shopping in​ the​ Eternal City can still offer its own very Roman flavour. for​ the​ ultimate in​ windows shopping, the​ area around via Condotti at​ the​ foot of​ the​ Spanish Steps is​ the​ place to​ go. You can gaze at​ the​ creations of​ Armani, Prada, Versace, Dolce and​ Gabbana, Gucci and​ the​ other grand names in​ the​ elegant windows under the​ baroque or​ neoclassical facades. But remember that rents in​ Rome are sky high and​ so are the​ prices.

For antiques, head to​ Via dei Coronari. It's a​ narrow pedestrianised street near Piazza Navona. the​ 500-meter long thoroughfare is​ lined with antique stores and​ galleries.

For the​ true Roman experience, you have to​ visit one of​ the​ city's many markets. the​ Sunday morning flea market at​ Porta Portese is​ an​ overcrowded event where you can buy almost anything. It's held on via Portuense south of​ the​ Porta Portese gate. Beware of​ pickpockets.

From Monday to​ Saturday, the​ morning market is​ in​ via Sannio, just outside the​ Roman walls by San Giovanni in​ Laterano. Here you can browse huge volumes of​ cheap clothes.
Shopping in​ Venice
Venice has long been a​ place of​ trade and​ remains a​ busy retail center. Though the​ big name fashion houses are well-represented, the​ joy of​ shopping in​ Venice lies in​ hunting down those local novelty items that evoke the​ spirit of​ La Serenissima.

However if​ it's brand name fashions you're after, Venice won't disappoint. the​ island's busiest shopping strip is​ the​ Merceri. it​ runs all the​ ways from the​ Piazza to​ the​ Rialto Bridge and​ almost all the​ celebrated Italian labels have boutiques here.

For other items, Calle della Mandola is​ the​ place to​ browse books and​ glass beads. and​ Campo Santo Stefano is​ the​ square for​ antique hunting. However, you can't leave Venice without getting a​ souvenir carnival mask.

Carnival is​ the​ great event held every February but the​ masks are manufactured as​ souvenirs all year-round in​ Venice's small workshops. You can get everything from full size porcelain masks with a​ hefty price tag to​ inexpensive ornaments such as​ silver earrings in​ the​ shape of​ carnival masks.

The other great specialty of​ Venice is​ glassware from the​ island of​ Murano. These include such items as​ vases, clocks and​ wine bottle caps. and​ you can also get decorative items such as​ rings, bracelets or​ pendants made out of​ the​ delightful colored glass. These can be very inexpensive and​ make great souvenirs of​ Venice. Other delights special to​ Venice include porcelain dolls and​ Burano lace work.

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