Shopping In France

Shopping In France

France is​ renowned as​ a​ shopping city but you have to​ choose your times well. Shop hours are Monday to​ Saturday from 10am to​ 7pm. Many small shops close for​ a​ two-hour lunch break. Thursday is​ the​ best time for​ late-night shopping. Many stores stay open until 9 or​ 10pm. Sunday shopping is​ generally limited to​ tourist areas and​ flea markets.

Shopping in​ Paris

If you want an​ authentic Paris shopping experience, you need to​ get away from the​ elegant outlets on the​ grand boulevards and​ to​ head to​ the​ flea markets. Paris has three main flea markets. Once haunted mainly by rogues and​ gypsies, the​ flea markets of​ Paris are now popular with everyone and​ a​ good place to​ look for​ bargains and​ serendipitous finds.

The first of​ the​ three main Paris flea markets is​ in​ Porte de Montreuil. This is​ one of​ the​ cheaper flea markets. it​ mainly hawks old clothes, furniture and​ other household items. the​ second is​ in​ Porte de Vanves which sells a​ wide range of​ bric-a-brac. the​ last one is​ located in​ Saint-Ouen / Porte de Clignancourt. This is​ the​ most famous and​ often simply known as​ the​ Paris Flea Market.

It's best to​ visit flea markets in​ the​ morning. They're quieter and​ there's more to​ buy. the​ Paris Flea Market is​ the​ place to​ buy antiques. it​ is​ located in​ a​ working-class district so rents are low and​ also is​ a​ cash-driven business. So costs are low and​ so are the​ prices.

Shopping in​ Nice

Nice has its share of​ the​ affluent, both residents and​ visitors. So there's no shortage of​ shops catering for​ the​ jet set.

Nice is​ a​ delightful city for​ a​ shopping stroll. You can browse the​ boutiques along pedestrianised rue Massena, place Magenta, avenue Jean-Médecin, rue de Verdun, and​ rue Paradis. This is​ mainly the​ preserve of​ high-end chain stores along with a​ few shoe shops, boutiques and​ restaurants. Pick up your Sonia Rykiel, Giorgio Armani and​ Louis Vuitton items here.

When you have over indulged with designer fashions, and​ in​ the​ mood for​ some arts and​ crafts, Atelier Contre-Jour at​ 3 rue du Pont Vieux is​ the​ place to​ go. it​ offers painted-wood handicraft items such as​ picture frames, painted furniture, and​ silk lampshades. Plus, many artists have their studios and​ galleries in​ the​ side streets of​ the​ old town near the​ cathedral.

Nice is​ also famed for​ street markets. There's the​ Marché aux Fleurs flower market, Marché à la Brocante, the​ main flea market. Another flea market at​ place Robilante on the​ port opens Tuesday to​ Saturday between 9am and​ 6pm. the​ summer months sees a​ nightly arts and​ crafts market on cours Saleya catering mainly for​ tourists.

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