Shopping In France Paris And Bordeaux

Shopping In France Paris And Bordeaux

France offers you an​ enormous choice of​ goods, but the​ quintessential French purchase is​ clothing, especially designer fashions. if​ you're on a​ budget, window shop at​ the​ great fashion houses to​ get a​ feel of​ what you want. Then head for​ the​ markets and​ budget shops to​ do your actual shopping.

Shopping in​ Paris

Paris is​ divided into quarters or​ arrondissements, each with its own shopping opportunities. Marais is​ the​ place for​ elegance, St-Germain for​ international fashion brands and​ Montmartre is​ dripping with romance.

Paris is​ of​ course home to​ the​ large French department stores, les grands magasins such as​ Galeries Lafayette and​ Printemps and​ you can spend whole days browsing them. But the​ sheer joy of​ shopping in​ Paris comes from visiting the​ galleries or​ passages, the​ 19th-century glass-roofed shopping arcades that just ooze charm and​ transform rainy days into shopping adventures.

Bear in​ mind that most stores in​ Paris close on Sundays which gives you the​ opportunity to​ explore one of​ the​ city’s many flea markets.

Shopping in​ Bordeaux

Few people outside Europe realise what a​ shopper's paradise Bordeaux truly is. There are some of​ the​ world's most popular brand names on parade here: Cartier, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Mont Blanc, Christian Lacroix, Rolex and​ Tartine et Chocolat.

The pinnacle of​ shopping in​ Bordeaux is​ the​ Golden Triangle of​ the​ Allées de Tourny, the​ Cours de l'Intendance and​ the​ Cours Clemenceau. This triangle contains the​ Place des Grands-Hommes, home to​ the​ city's most prestigious shops vending everything from foodstuffs the​ latest fashions.

You don't have to​ shell out your last dollar on upscale designer shops, however. There are plenty of​ cheaper French chain stores here for​ you to​ choose from along with countless locally-owned boutiques where you can get something special at​ a​ reasonable price.

And of​ course don't forget the​ wine. the​ whole Bordeaux region offer their local vintages for​ sale by the​ case and​ at​ very favorable prices.

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