Shopping In France A Mystical Experience

Shopping In France A Mystical Experience

Shopping in​ France

Few people give shopping the​ same energy, enthusiasm and​ thought as​ the​ French. Whether it's a​ trip to​ the​ market for​ lunch ingredients or​ to​ an​ elegant boutique for​ a​ new evening gown, they give it​ their all. for​ you to​ truly enjoy the​ French shopping scene have to​ do the​ same.

France is​ home to​ a​ multitude of​ grand department stores, chain stores, small boutiques and​ flea markets. But a​ new concept in​ French shopping is​ the​ parapharmacie. It's a​ mixture of​ chemist shop, health-care store, and​ beauty product vendor. Factory outlets are also becoming very popular selling off discounted items in​ boutique-like shops.

Shopping in​ Paris

It's easy to​ spend all your time in​ Paris browsing at​ the​ boutiques and​ chain stores but for​ a​ real Paris shopping experience, you really have to​ head to​ the​ flea markets of​ which Paris has three. the​ former haven of​ gypsies and​ hustlers, Paris's flea markets of​ Paris are visited by everyone in​ search of​ a​ bargain and​ a​ lucky find.

The flea market at​ Porte de Montreuil is​ one of​ the​ cheaper ones. it​ specialises in​ old garments, furniture and​ other household objects. Porte de Vanves flea market sells a​ bit of​ everything. the​ flea market at​ Saint-Ouen / Porte de Clignancourt is​ the​ most celebrated and​ is​ often just referred to​ as​ the​ Paris Flea Market. This is​ the​ best place to​ buy antiques. It's location in​ a​ low-rent area so costs are low. Plus it's a​ cash only business. This makes it​ a​ great place to​ pick up a​ bargain but you really need to​ know what you're doing.

Flea markets are best visited in​ the​ morning when they're quieter and​ have more goods available.

Shopping in​ Nice

Nice is​ a​ haven for​ the​ jet set and​ the​ well-heeled tourist, and​ the​ shops, boutiques and​ markets are ready to​ cater for​ them.

The heart of​ chic shopping in​ Nice is​ rue Paradis is​ a​ pedestrianised road running north-south linking Place Magenta with Avenue de Verdun. All the​ luxury designer and​ jewellery shops are located here making it​ a​ window shoppers' paradise.

For a​ more relaxed outdoor shopping atmosphere head for​ the​ Cours Soleya market in​ the​ old town of​ Nice. This colourful pedestrian district is​ a​ favourite meeting place for​ locals. the​ streets are lined with stalls and​ terraced cafes and​ restaurants. Tuesday to​ Sunday sees the​ flower market and​ fruit and​ vegetable market, and​ there's an​ antiques fair on Mondays. On summer evenings there's a​ nightly arts and​ crafts market catering mainly for​ tourists.

Other markets worth visiting in​ Nice include the​ Marché aux Fleurs flower market and​ Marché à la Brocante, the​ main flea market. Another flea market at​ place Robilante on the​ port opens from Tuesday to​ Saturday from 9am to​ 6pm.

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