Shopping In Cardiff

Shopping In Cardiff

The centre of​ the​ city is​ famous as​ one of​ Britain’s largest and​ most interesting regional shopping centres, but outside the​ city centre also has a​ lot to​ offer. You can find anything from clothes shops to​ butcher shops or​ from grocers to​ bookshops.If you are looking for​ a​ fun shopping day out, the​ city of​ Cardiff is​ the​ best place to​ go. Aside from the​ wide variety of​ products and​ services offered by its numerous shopping centres, Cardiff is​ also well known for​ its affordable life, which means that shopping in​ Cardiff provides you with countless different quality products at​ very low prices. it​ is​ no wonder that Cardiff has been the​ dreamland of​ all shopaholics for​ at​ least the​ past decade. the​ centre of​ the​ city is​ famous as​ one of​ Britain’s largest and​ most interesting regional shopping centres, but the​ city also has a​ lot to​ offer outside the​ centre limits. You can find anything from clothes shops to​ butcher shops or​ from grocers to​ bookshops in​ the​ shopping centres from Canton, like Cowbridge Road East, or​ Roath, with the​ Albany Road shops.

Aside from the​ major stores represented in​ the​ city’s shopping centres, including names like Marks & Spencer, Vidal Sassoon, Armani, Hugo Boss and​ D&G, the​ shopping life of​ Cardiff also offers quality products by local companies, such as​ the​ Welsh made home goods made by famous Melin Tregwynt, a​ favorite of​ Hollywood superstars like Catherine Zeta Jones. for​ music lovers Cardiff can pride itself as​ the​ owner of​ the​ oldest record store in​ the​ world, Spillers Records, located in​ the​ Hayes. Shopping in​ Cardiff can provide you with anything you may desire, from luxury clothing by famous designers to​ goods for​ the​ home or​ from collection records to​ friendly puppies, all at​ affordable prices.

Experian Retail Ranking in​ a​ survey that included 50 shopping centres around the​ country ranked Cardiff the​ 6th best shopping centre in​ the​ United Kingdom and​ the​ best in​ Wales in​ 2003. it​ has everything to​ offer to​ the​ experienced shopper from the​ biggest Next in​ the​ world, huge department stores like the​ well known Debenhams to​ smaller specialized shops.

An area offering a​ wide range of​ high quality stores is​ located close to​ the​ centre of​ the​ city and​ it​ features names such as​ Hennes and​ Mauritz ( or​ as​ you probably know it​ -H&M), Vidal Sassoon, Oasis, Marks and​ Spencer, Jaeger or​ the​ Virgin Megastore. the​ very modern shopping centre combines famous designer name fashion clothes with seasonal display and​ occasional live music. the​ covered Victorian arcades of​ Cardiff city centre date back more than a​ century and​ offer alternative shopping experiences from designer labels and​ department stores through to​ a​ series of​ smaller, more intimate shops like boutiques, coffee houses, bookshops, bars and​ record shops. the​ High Street Arcade is​ filled with unusual and​ interesting smaller shops that range from vintage clothing shops to​ joke shops including Nice, which sells paraphernalia from inflatable chairs to​ fur bags or​ Buzz, a​ famous and​ funky Cardiff shoe store. the​ Morgan Arcade houses Woodies Emporium, a​ designer outlet that sells men’s clothing by names like Armani or​ Hugo Boss, and​ women’s clothing by D&G or​ Sticky Fingers.

A House of​ Fraser store, Howell’s, includes several designer outlets like D&G and​ Pied á Terre and​ a​ very good cosmetics department that features products of​ famous cosmetics giants as​ well as​ products by Molton Brown, La Prairie, Benefit, Darphin, Aveda, Malika and​ many more. the​ Royal Arcade is​ the​ home of​ the​ famous Melin Tregwynt store of​ Welsh made home goods and​ it​ sells trinkets, blankets, cushions, candlesticks and​ other goods that have become favourites of​ some of​ the​ most stylish homes, especially since it​ became known that Catherine Zeta Jones does her shopping there!

Cardiff city centre is​ very compact and​ in​ just two main streets, St. Mary Street and​ Queen Street, it​ manages to​ offer a​ multitude of​ shopping malls, markets and​ arcades. There are four major covered shopping malls of​ which Cardiff city centre can boast: Queens Arcade, Queens West, St. David’s Centre and​ the​ Capitol Centre.

Music lovers and​ record collectors can spend an​ entire day in​ the​ most famous record store that Cardiff has to​ offer, Spiller Records located in​ the​ Hayes, the​ oldest record store in​ the​ entire world.

The Cardiff Bay waterfront also offers a​ shopping experience to​ be remembered. Aside from super stores like Tesco, Asda or​ Morrisons, Cardiff Bay will soon be the​ home of​ the​ largest Toys-R-Us store in​ Europe. the​ Wales Millennium Centre for​ the​ performing arts is​ also a​ place that houses several interesting stores, bookshops and​ coffee houses in​ addition to​ its theatres and​ can offer a​ unique shopping experience.

There are two markets in​ the​ centre of​ Cardiff, a​ covered market and​ an​ open air market. They both offer accessible fresh fruit and​ vegetables and​ the​ covered one also sells meat and​ dairy products as​ well as​ fresh fish.

There are some very reliable supermarkets located outside the​ city centre, among them are Asda, Sainsburys, Safeways and​ a​ Tesco situated very close to​ the​ Talybont Hall of​ Residence.

Two very important shopping areas located outside the​ city are Albany Road in​ Roath and​ Cowbridge Road East in​ Canton, both housing grocery stores, bakeries, butcher stores but also card shops, gift shops, supermarkets and​ clothes shops.

A visit to​ Cardiff offers an​ exhilarating shopping experience. With its two main shopping streets in​ the​ centre housing different department stores and​ designer outlets, the​ network of​ seven Edwardian and​ Victorian arcades with their intimate atmosphere housing delicatessens, bookshops, boutiques and​ small shops, the​ Cardiff Bay waterfront and​ its Wales Millennium Centre it​ is​ more than prepared to​ meet the​ highest standards of​ any shopping lovers. When you add to​ all this the​ accessible prices that the​ city is​ famous for, it​ becomes clear that Cardiff is​ the​ perfect destination for​ the​ shopping trip of​ your dreams.

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