Shopping In Australia

Shopping In Australia

Shopping in​ Australia is​ a​ laid back experience as​ you'd expect from a​ country whose unofficial motto is​ 'no worries'. Except for​ markets and​ some smaller shops, prices in​ Australia are fixed so there's no need to​ bargain. You'll find most items labeled with a​ price tag. a​ 10% Goods and​ Services Tax applies to​ any purchase made in​ Australia.

Shopping in​ Sydney

Sydney's shopping outlets run the​ gamut from international icons such as​ Tiffany's to​ street markets and​ homegrown, uniquely-Australian entities such as​ those showcasing Aboriginal arts and​ crafts.

Most downtown department stores, arcades, malls and​ boutiques lie on George Street and​ around Pitt Street Mall, Castlereagh Street and​ King Street. Especially noteworthy is​ the​ huge, historic Queen Victoria Building (QVB) which offers many floors of​ shopping delights.

The suburbs have their own shopping enclaves such as​ Warringah Mall. Meanwhile in​ Newtown and​ Glebe you'll find intriguing shops selling an​ amazing range of​ knick knacks.

One pointer, if​ you're buying Aussie knick knacks, check the​ label. You may well find that your stuffed koala is​ imported from China and​ your authentic didgeridoo was made in​ Taiwan.

Shopping in​ Melbourne

Melbourne is​ now firmly ensconced as​ Australia's capital of​ fashion. Boutiques on High Street and​ Toorak Road among others showcase the​ latest collections from up and​ coming Aussie designers. But for​ that unique experience, you should head for​ the​ markets.

Melbourne offers a​ host of​ markets, the​ most prestigious being the​ Queen Victoria Market on Victoria Street. Once reserved for​ sales of​ foodstuffs, nowadays you can get almost anything there.

Shopping in​ Perth

With its pedestrian-friendly center, traffic-free malls, and​ many quaint arcades, Perth is​ a​ real shopper's delight.

Downtown Perth is​ home to​ the​ chain stores. They're mainly in​ the​ malls located on the​ parallel Hay and​ Murray Streets and​ in​ the​ labyrinth of​ arcades that link them. for​ the​ latest offerings by young Aussie designers, visit the​ Colonnade shopping center on Hay Street. if​ you're looking for​ the​ more main stream designer brands, head to​ nearby King Street.

For a​ more 'boutique' experience, spend some time at​ Subiaco, affectionately known as​ Subi. Here you can spend a​ pleasant time browsing the​ chic boutiques, antiques shops, art galleries, cafes and​ markets.

Perth's jewelers showcase creations crafted from opals, Argyle diamonds, and​ pearls farmed from Broome.

Perth is​ also a​ great place to​ pick up Aboriginal arts and​ crafts. King Street and​ Subiaco are home to​ some fine crafts shops such as​ Creative Native and​ Indegenart.

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