Shopping For The Right Bra Size

Shopping For The Right Bra Size

Shopping for​ a​ bra can be a​ long and​ painful task for​ many women. There are many bras to​ chose from and​ many women don’t know which style, and​ more importantly size, is​ right for​ them.

When shopping for​ a​ bra, finding the​ right size is​ vital; it​ is​ estimated that about 80% of​ women are wearing the​ wrong bra size. to​ make sure the​ bra you are buying is​ the​ correct size, watch for​ the​ following signs.

You should measure the​ width of​ your chest just below your breasts (on your ribs) before buying a​ bra. Take this number and​ add five inches to​ it. This will tell you what band size you should be trying on. for​ example, if​ you measure 31 inches around, you should be trying on a​ 36 sized bras. if​ you’re number ends up being odd, go to​ the​ next size up. if​ you are “plus sized”, you don’t have to​ add these five inches.

To find your correct cup size, have someone measure around the​ fullest part of​ your breasts. You should not wear a​ padded bra while doing this. Then take this number and​ subtract it​ from your rib measurement. This will tell you your cup size.

Negative difference - AA

1 inch - A
2 inch - B
3 inch - C
4 inch - D
5 inch - DD or​ E
6 inch - DDD or​ F
7 inch - DDDD or​ G

If your bra fits correctly, it​ should be snug around the​ middle, but still be able to​ fit one or​ two fingers under the​ band comfortably. if​ you can’t do this, the​ bra is​ too tight. if​ the​ band comes away from your body very easily or​ the​ band rides up your back, the​ bra is​ too big. if​ you are wearing an​ under wire bra, the​ wire should lay flat across your chest. Whereas if​ you are wearing a​ bra with no under wire, it​ should separate your breasts so it​ doesn’t look like you have one big boob. You should also look for​ the​ tightness of​ the​ bra on the​ breast. the​ breast should fill the​ cup perfectly. if​ your breast is​ lower than the​ cup, the​ cup is​ too big, but on the​ other hand, you don’t want to​ be spilling out of​ the​ cup either. if​ your breasts are popping out on the​ sides, top or​ bottom, the​ bra is​ too small. if​ the​ band feels fine, just go up a​ cup size. When shopping for​ a​ bra, try raising your arms over your head- the​ bra should stay in​ place and​ not lift off of​ your chest. if​ it​ does this, its too big.

If you follow these tips, your next shopping trip for​ bras should be more enjoyable. Try on all different styles of​ bras to​ see which kind suits you best. Also, never rush while shopping for​ bras. Pay attention to​ how they look and​ feel to​ make sure you buy the​ perfect fit.

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