Shopping For The Perfect Briefcase

Shopping For The Perfect Briefcase

Shopping for​ the​ perfect briefcase
There are many factors that figure into buying a​ briefcase .​
Let's take the​ features you're searching for​ one at​ a​ time .​
if​ this is​ your first briefcase you need to​ look for​ something you're comfortable with .​
if​ you're an​ accountant or​ lawyer then carrying multiple files and​ papers is​ the​ norm .​
You'll want something fairly large, with expandable capacity .​
Look for​ something that has a​ comfortable shoulder strap that you can manage easily .​
Accountants and​ lawyers tend to​ be pretty conservative so a​ black or​ brown case will surely work .​
Usually leather is​ the​ first choice, but there are many cases made of​ ballistic nylon with leather trim that are durable and​ have a​ professional look.
Today, there are many companies making cases so that every price range is​ covered .​
Try the​ case on in​ front of​ a​ mirror .​
Try it​ with the​ shoulder strap if​ that is​ the​ way you will usually be carrying it .​
There are many new ergonomically correct shoulder straps on the​ market .​
They fit your shoulder and​ are more comfortable than the​ old style thinner strap .​
Briefcases last a​ long time so you want the​ case you purchase to​ be something you'll enjoy for​ many years.
if​ you need a​ case that is​ smaller or​ larger than your old case be sure to​ bring the​ old case along to​ compare .​
Cases look different in​ a​ large store than they do at​ home .​
Some briefcases come with hidden expansion zippers to​ make the​ case larger or​ smaller.

if​ you are going to​ be carrying a​ laptop be sure you know the​ size .​
There are cases for​ 14 to​ 17 laptops .​
Many have removable padded inserts that are very useful if​ you travel .​
This way you can remove your laptop while going through security and​ keep it​ safe in​ the​ padded insert .​
Other laptop cases have a​ padded pocket inside where the​ laptop is​ protected .​
Many have very comfortable shoulder straps because these cases tend to​ get heavy .​
There are also molded briefcases called attaches designed to​ carry laptops .​
These do not usually have shoulder straps and​ are carried by one handle only .​
They generally have a​ combination lock so they are more secure .​
Some models are watertight

if​ you are looking for​ a​ lighter weight case, there is​ a​ large variety available .​
You no longer have to​ rule out leather .​
There’s also good quality nylon or​ ballistic nylon cases .​
Hold the​ cases side by side and​ lift them.

When you begin to​ develop shoulder problems or​ neck problems, or​ your doctor has advised you to​ stop lifting or​ carrying a​ briefcase, than the​ rolling case is​ for​ you .​
There are quite a​ variety of​ cases available now with wheels .​
They come in​ all sizes and​ models .​
Some have removable wheels .​
They are also available in​ leather or​ ballistic nylon .​
Purchase one with the​ good inline skate wheels, so they will roll smoothly over cement or​ walkways or​ down office halls.
Especially for​ woman, but also for​ men there are now a​ wide variety of​ styles and​ colors available .​
Woman can choose from petal pink to​ lipstick red to​ bright purple! for​ men there is​ every shade of​ brown imaginable as​ well as​ black .​
There are soft leathers, grained leathers, and​ combinations of​ leather and​ nylon .​
It’s always a​ good idea to​ have your initials monogrammed on the​ case so no one accidentally walks away with it.

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